“For the natural look, everything is sweeter”.. lyrics of a song to Lebanese artist known to which things are normal when better and sweeter, but it is unfortunate that those words are not only raised slogans in the song was not followed by the artist herself. Before the fame, or rather the beauty before you know it by the way to the plastic operations for many of the arab singers contrary to what they look like now.

If I asked the young man today, what do you want in a woman? He’d say “Nancy’s nose, the eyes of Haifa,  the strength of Maya, and the femininity of Elisa”, and many other specifications, but you must know how they were those years before fame.

If we were to delve into the past, before the glimmer of fame adorned these individuals, we’d likely find a different perspective on what they sought in a partner. Before their names became synonymous with beauty, strength, and femininity, they were simply individuals navigating their own journeys, shaped by personal experiences and aspirations.

Before Nancy’s nose became a symbol of elegance, she might have been a young woman who valued kindness and sincerity above all else.

The eyes of Haifa, now admired for their captivating allure, might have belonged to a girl who cherished laughter and shared moments of joy.

The strength of Maya, revered for its resilience and determination, may have been honed through trials and tribulations, grounded in humility and empathy. And the femininity of Elisa, now celebrated for its grace and charm, might have emanated from a woman who embraced her authenticity and embraced her femininity with confidence.

Before fame cast its spotlight upon them, they were individuals with their own unique blend of qualities, aspirations, and dreams.

Perhaps, in those earlier years, their ideal partner was someone who shared their values, understood their aspirations, and embraced them for who they were, flaws and all.

In the end, it’s not the fame or accolades that define what we seek in a partner, but rather the genuine connections and shared experiences that shape our hearts and souls.

1.Maya Diab

Maya Diab

“Natural and unartificial attend” .. One of the announcers described her several years ago, the contestant at the time, Maya Diab.

The «Maya» one of the contestants in the program «Art Studio» and she was the first presenter to announce being a contestant in that episode.

Maya appeared in 2001, largely depending on her looks and form wearing a black dress shorts. She was a brunette that time with dark eyes,  pointed nose, the teeth were not disciplined, and eyebrows much longer than they show it now.

She had less confidence then, looking at the paper in her hand, which was submitted to remember her lines, contrary to what it now appears more confident in themselves and their potential.

During the presentation she introduced herself , saying :  “I am Maya Diab, I am 20 years old, I come from Ashrafieh, I studied radio and television , and I present the TV category”. During the conversation she stopped and corrected herself, saying : “I am the first contestant tonight. The camera has its fear, I hope I am at your goodwill tonight”.

2.Miriam Fares

With her sexiness ( that hadn’t changed) and charisma, the contestant Miriam Fares appeared in “arts studio”. She sang “Mayel ya Ghazeel” from Lebanese folklore. She really looked very different from her present looks.

She appeared in 2001 with her signature ‘curly’ hair as nowadays but her face was different. Her eyes had a different colour, nose bigger and a fuller cheek.

She wore a black gown and sang magnificently throughout her part. Of course, she turned heads with admiration throughout the audience.

She is the least of all to have changed throughout time.

3.Haifa Wehbe

haifa arab singers

During the mid-90s appeared a young model named Haifa Wehbe. At that time, she did a video clip for the singer George Wassouf. She looked much different from the later model chosen by Hollywood Buzz as one of top 30 prettiest women.Many do now know haifa wehbe before plastic surgery!

She then had a different nose and bigger lips. And most surprisingly, her eye colour wasn’t as bright as they look like now! She had thicker eyebrows but her hair wasn’t much different. She had  poor makeup then, in intrastate to an icon of style now!


elissa arab singers

In 1992, when she was named Elissar Khoury , before her new famous  name « Elissa ». The Lebanese singer appeared in « Art Studio » , as a contestant to sing a song in the Arab folk song category .


In her answer to the question how to reach people ? She said that the first thing is the voice.  And true it was, as  her voice leaped alone to reach the Lebanese tarab hall of fame. She appeared in the program in two different episodes looking different  with a longer nose, darker color and eyes.

5.Nancy Ajram

In an old interview with Nancy Ajram, with number of total views that exceeded the 7 million views , the Lebanese singer appeared with a pre- fame nose is long and straight, and with a full face, and  with more rounded body.

nancy arab singers

She wore a long black dress is open from one side, and sang for Umm Kulthum. That was her appearance that made everyone realize that the looks differed greatly from now, as one of the most beautiful Arab singers. How attractive nancy ajram eye color to nancy ajram plastic surgery procedures!



In a talkshow the presenter asked his guest musician Mohamed Ali Suleiman, for a surprise that he prepared, he replied: “Angham Mohamed Ali Suleiman” , a student at Cairo Music Institute.

She appeared as a child at the time to sing with her beautiful voice, not much different from what it is now, but there are other differences emerged in her looks. These include the teeth that are quite aligned now, and nose pointed and long.



In a Youtube video that topped 3 million views, singer Shereen, before the fame, sings in a solo. Shereen looked very different from what she looks now, with two large lips, teeth crooked, nose fuller, which luckily seems better now.

Now, can you think of other arab singers or celebrities who looked very different before? Write for us or leave a comment in the section below….