Dina El Sherbiny was spotted doing the Kiki Challenge with Amr Diab Background music and himself in video. The “Kiki Challenge,” also known as the “In My Feelings Challenge,” involves jumping out of a moving car and dancing along to Drake’s hit “In My Feelings” as the car drives something like.

Videos of the dances uploaded to the Internet show defenseless dancers hitting poles, tripping over potholes and falling out of cars. In one video, a woman is shown having her purse stolen during a challenge, and in another, a man is hit by a car while dancing.

The hype started when the internet comedian posted a video on his Instagram of Shiggy dancing to the song. Since his video went viral, thousands of people have taken up the challenge. Celebrities like Will Smith and Ciara joined in and posted videos of themselves dancing, but they didn’t jump out of moving cars or dance next to them.

So Megastar Amr Diab has been teasing us with his secret new song for days. The backdrop of the summer beach and the appearance of superstar Dina El Sherbiny were enough to win us over. Fortunately, El Hadaba didn’t keep us waiting too long. He just released the official music video for “Amaken El Sahar,” which could be a hit this summer.

Dina El Sherbiny

Vibrant Music His video follows an adorable real-life couple soaking up the summer vibes and enjoying time at the beach with a group of friends including iEvents and his GFF Amru Mansi. As for the song itself, as usual, Diab’s signature is all over. The love-filled lyrics and catchy beats will make you want to throw everything away and dance the night away. “Amaken El Sahar” was written by Tamar Hussein, composed by Aziz El Shafei, arranged by Osama El Hendi and directed by Ahmed El Nagar.

In other words, after what seemed like a long hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, Diab is back with a mini-concert. According to Al-Masri Al-Yum, his first live performance of the year will take place on August 28th at New Alamein in the Sahel. It is expected that safety measures will be put in place. It will be a complete invitation-only concert!