Have you met John Casson? He’s the coolest Ambassador in Egypt nowadays. He’s British, Young and energetic.

The United Kingdom appointed John Casson as its next ambassador to Egypt following the retirement of James Watt from diplomatic service last June. Casson’s previous post was Private Secretary to Prime Minister David Cameron. Although he just began his career in 1998 as a Desk Officer in the European Union Department.

Why we think he’s cool? Here are the reasons:

1. He’s very active on twitter

The ambassador has been active tweeting his events day by day. His tweets are very positive encouraging his followers to invest and travel to Egypt. The coolest thing is that he tweets in native Arabic too!

2. He’s into fashion

topman Well of course, he’s British. We’re in love with the British fashion scene. We think it’s the most trendy (& manly) worldwide.

3. Civil and social work

He’s been doing civil and social work all over the place. Just came back from Alexandria for meetings with youth and civil society organizations, many of which have received support from Britain for upto $50 million of project funding in ُEgypt since 2011.

But not just that, he’s paid a support visit to FACE, an NGO helping vulnerable children. He played games, cake-making, face-painting contests with the kids. What even makes it cooler is that he gave them sheep as a gift during his visit.

4. Encouraging Investments


sheep The Ambassador giving away Sheep!4. Encouraging Investments

In a country with a broke economy, the UK has invested 24.1$ billion in Egypt just between 2010-2014. The Ambassador promises more will come. The UK investments include BP, Vodafone, TOPSHOP and more.

5. Supporting the Youth

We all know the British Council. Everyone must have had an exam or a course there. His tone of voice can tell you how he admires the Egyptian youth:

“I have been inspired by the young Alexandrians I met today. This new generation of young Egyptians is active, dynamic, and passionate about seeing positive change in their country. They are Egypt’s greatest asset and I am confident that they will be Egypt’s next generation of leaders whether in politics, business, arts and culture.”

6. Riding the metro

Here is a tweet about him riding the metro in Alexandria a few days ago!

7. Promoting Old Egyptian cars

8. He likes Koshary and Juice from the streets


He’s doing more charity work. Check it out below.


Wanna hear more about him? Check him on Twitter @fcojohncasson

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