If your basement has signs of wear and tear or structural erosion, then the days for repairing are near. The water tends to travel a low resistance and seeps through the foundation of your home. This creates much pressure on the basement resulting in wear and tear. There could be many more such signs which you may be competing unaware of. Approx. More than half of the houses face this problem. Treating this issue may be expensive but have the potential to harm the health of your loved ones. This article will make you aware of such signs to take preventative measures before your basement gets flooded. For excellent services, search for basement waterproofing toronto.


  1. Stains:

Stains on the basement floors, walls, or upper level of carpet area might sound very common. But it can result in something destructive called sewage. You need to look closer instead of ignoring it to prevent it from more significant damage. This might also give an awful smell while entering into the basement. Many people may believe the reason for the appalling smell to be humidity. Such a strong smell can’t be generated due to humidity. It happens due to excessive moisture, which also gives rise to molds.

  1. Sparkles:

Have you ever caught something sparkling upon the walls and floor of your basement? Don’t be mistaken to consider it as a natural effect due to concrete. It is due to the reflection of the light from the minerals deposited due to moisture evaporation. All this is resulting in the generation of toxic molds that can affect symptoms like illness. It needs an immediate medical rescue with the solution of resolving your wet basement. These molds could be fatal if left exposed and can result in sicknesses like sinus, abdominal distress, fatigue, and much more.

  1. Outside water:

The ground or surface water may result in puddles due to the wet basement. It could also be due to your or your neighbor’s leaky pipes, which would be draining your potential sources of property. If the standing water of your yard is visible, it’s time to consider it seriously. You need to go into the geographical area’s roots to know if your house is built upon a high water table. If yes, it should be immediately followed by waterproofing measures. Many times, the design of the property may not be easy to handle, and so it needs a fixture immediately.

  1. Rust:

You must be aware of what happens to the nail if left in water. It brings out the rust from the shiny nails in no time. The same can happen to your house with high humidity. To be assured, examine the nails and other metal features in your furniture, which could have rust symptoms. You can also take a look at your electrical box to check the appearance of rust.

  1. Swelling:

Have you ever left a timber in a bucket full of water and see how it’s got big. It’s because of the soaking up of moisture. The same happens with your walls having swelling due to excess moisture in the air. This could be soaked up into wooden doors resulting in stiffness while closing them. The moistures swelled the wood, making you feel ripples underfoot.

  1. Bugs:

Insects love a cool, dark, and moist environment. A water intrusion in your basement means it’s most likely to welcome insects that will breed the ground below. It would not be suitable for hygiene and may end you up in trouble.


This was all about the signs that you need basement waterproofing. Basement waterproofing done by professionals could resist this problem. A qualified expert will go to the root for inspecting the problem and design the solution accordingly. Once the water sources get identified, half of the problem is resolved. The other process requires the sealing of walls using the latest methods and products. If you have been noticing any of the above signs, it’s time to call for help. It’s best to do some research or ask your neighbors to seek the best professional service. Always ask for professional experience and certification from these organizations.