It’s the best time of the year, the anniversary of Mori Sushi. This year they are celebrating with a 50% off offer.

Crowds of Egyptians have queued in lines in the cold to taste the amazing sushi at half price. This time, it’s not about the failing economy, it’s about showing off in this freezing weather!

While we’re great fans of Mori Sushi and we love it. We decided to give you a few other places in Egypt with great food and less hype. Some of those places have All-You-Can-Eat (AYCE) Sushi all week or on special days!

Here is a change from all the pictures on your timeline of people showing off that they can eat any other day.

1. Fuego

Our favorite place with all the Rolls and Combos you can think of! Fuego has also a western cuisine and nice comfortable setup in case you wanna bring in your friends.

Tip: try the Lava roll and try to book a table before going. AYCE starts from 220 per person, just tell them you came from ELMENS.

2. One Oak grill

In new Cairo, offers best Sushi and Steak in town. They have a counter offer this week (below) where you can eat without showing off!

3. Makani

Available almost everywhere, offering great sushi and awesome home delivery option. Always fresh on the go Sushi.

4. L’asiatique

For old veterans as ELMENS, This place holds lots of memories and great food. It has an extensive Asian/Japanese Menu with lots of options.

Also you can order from any of the surrounding restaurants as Italian or French!

5. Mirai

Located in Zamalek, we’ve heard excellent reviews about the newly opened place.

6. Keji

Another awesome place with a Japanese and Peruvian cuisine! It’s been gaining some traction and hype. Check out who’s in the picture below.

7. Sushi bay

Last but not least, they have an amazing menu. The chain has more than one branch in Cairo. There are no queues to wait for you Sushi! They also serve our favorite seafood which is a rarity in Egypt, Mussels!

8. Izakaya

They offer an awesome Nekkei cuisine with a great Menu. Great ambience and social gathering too.

Bottom line, we love Sushi and there are lots of great places to try. Give those restaurants a try and tell us what you think in the comment section below and don’t become like one of those Sushis.