Electric skateboarding is a relatively new industry and has opened up a new market for skaters, especially men, who seem to be quite taken with the sport. wiredrides.com.au offers advanced quality motorized boards, so skateboarders can now enjoy effortless rides, and the ensuing adrenaline rushes, with minimal physical exertion. You’ll be surprised to learn that the concept of electric skateboards however – often now referred to as esk8 – is not new.

The history of electric skateboards can be traced back to the 1960s. That’s when the first motorised board was produced. It was heavy, inefficient, noisy, and overall, pretty awful – hence it never made it mainstream. With advanced technology, the new electric skateboards are super-efficient. They are more powerful, lighter, better for carving, and much safer. These boards are easy to use, and that’s why many riders are moving away from traditional boards to these new tech forms of transport – and fun.

Electric Skateboard

But what is causing the rapid growth in the popularity of these big boys’ toys? Well, there are many enticing features that appeal to those who love the feel of snowboarding when they’re not on the mountain. Here are some of the factors driving the electric skateboard revolution:

Adrenaline-Packed Fun

The incredible amounts of fun you can have on a board is one of the main reasons these are growing so popular. Men love gadgets, and these boards are exciting as well as functional. If you haven’t ridden an esk8 then you don’t know what you’re missing. Need more of a thrill? Just accelerate harder! Scared you’re going to fast? Don’t worry, these are safe – press the brakes to wash off some speed. Skating with e-boards offers an experience similar to surfing or snowboarding, but uniquely fun in its own way. This is one of the main drawcards for people wanting to ride.

Easy to Manoeuvre

Ask any guy who skates on traditional boards, and they will tell you that building up speed on the flat (or uphill) is a skill one needs to learn to be a good skater. This requires balancing and co-ordination skills. With the traditional boards, this can be frustrating for newbies. With electric boards, it’s very easy to make manoeuvre without using excessive physical exertion. Far less energy is needed to ride these boards when compared to their traditional counterparts. This means they can be enjoyed far more by a larger range of people, even those who are not overtly athletic.

Convenient Transport

Convenient transport is another reason why many men are purchasing electrical boards. It is illegal to ride these boards on the road or sidewalks in some countries, but more and more are now recognising them as viable and legal forms of transport. Some countries are now changing legislation to classify esk8s similarly to ebikes. On a board, it’s easy to beat even the worst traffic snarl-up without breaking a sweat. This appeal and practicality is another factor behind these skateboards’ sales success.


The first electric boards were expensive or incredibly bad quality, but as they become mainstream, they are becoming more affordable. With more and more manufacturers coming on board, the cost of these boards is coming down while the quality and specs keep going up! This means the electric skateboards market can be entered into for less investment and the buyer can feel comfortable knowing their purchase will provide safer transport than its predecessors.

Electric Skateboard

There are many other reasons why more and more men – and some women too – are switching their bikes, running shoes or cars for electric skateboards. The fun that comes with riding one of these is incredible, and with the long lifespan of some of today’s boards the value is hard to beat.

If the current trend continues, expect the electric skateboard industry to keep booming and eating away at the market share of other adventure sports into the next decade.

Written by our favourite Thai VA for the team at Index Skateboarding – the world’s #1 electric skateboarding reviews and guides website. Check out their latest videos on here on their YouTube Channel.