If your child is getting wisdom teeth removed to ensure they stay healthy over time, they can sometimes be nervous about the process. Not only will parents be concerned for their kids’ safety – as they are with every surgery or health matter – kids can sometimes be nervous about having their first surgery, being put under anesthesia, or going to the dentist in general. Avoid fears from taking over your kid’s wellbeing and your mental health by answering your child’s question about wisdom teeth surgery!

If your children have questions about the procedure – like what to expect before and after surgery – doing research ahead of time and putting their fears to bed is key to avoiding any day-of issues that can arise if with wisdom teeth surgery. Asking the dentist about what to expect can help your child feel 100% ready to have the procedure and live pain-free!

Let’s look at the most commonly asked questions that children ask before wisdom teeth surgery and why it can be helpful to do extensive research beforehand. Visit this site to know more about wisdom teeth surgery.

Why do my wisdom teeth need to be removed?

If your child is nervous about the process, they might be wondering why they have to get wisdom teeth surgery in the first place. Typically, the best reason to get wisdom teeth removed is to avoid any future oral hygiene concerns, avoid overcrowding, and avoid crooked teeth that can happen from a lack of space in your mouth. If your wisdom teeth grow in – and you do not get them removed -it can actually change the shape of your mouth, teeth, and jaw. Avoid any long-term health complications – such as bad breath or jaw pain – by getting wisdom teeth surgery as a child or teenager!

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How do I prepare for wisdom teeth surgery?

The best way that kids can prepare for wisdom teeth surgery is to ask their dentist about what to expect before and after the procedure, what foods and drinks to avoid after the surgery, and the recovery period after wisdom teeth surgery.

What does day one of recovering from wisdom teeth surgery look like?

Dentists can explain to children the recovery process on day one to put their minds at ease before getting the surgery. Typically, children can expect to be a little loopy, tired, out of it, and in a little bit of pain from the procedure; however, the first day will typically involve being under sedation from the surgery and then going to sleep to sleep off the medication and the anesthetic.

How can I reduce swelling?

The best way to care for pain and swelling after wisdom teeth surgery is to use ice packs, cold foods, popsicles, and icing your jaw every 15 minutes!


By asking your dentist questions beforehand and putting your mind at ease, you can ensure that you and your child feel totally ready to get wisdom teeth surgery. By answering the most common questions about the procedure, teens can avoid being nervous and scared about this necessary dental procedure.