Are you amongst those who have been advised by your dentist to get your wisdom removed? But you feel that till the time it is not paining you can wait. If this is so then you have landed at the right place.

In this blog, we will be talking about what are the benefits of getting wisdom teeth removed.

Patients normally have the conception that since my tooth is not giving any trouble, I should not get it extracted. What they do not know is that mere pain is not the only trouble, there are various other issues which relate directly to non-removal of wisdom tooth.

Not all wisdom tooth cases require extraction. The wisdom tooth which is impacted is the only one which demands attention. This is because the impacted wisdom tooth is either partially or fully embedded in the gums causing pain and various other dental problems which need to be looked for immediately.

With time it has been proven beneficial to get the same extracted. The benefits which we are talking about are as follows:

Lesser risk of Oral Disease

If we have impacted wisdom tooth, then it becomes difficult to clean the area and will make it even more difficult to floss. Because they are impacted, they cause problems to the gums and increase the risk of gum disease.

Once we get the wisdom tooth extracted, all the aforementioned issues will be solved instantly, and we will be in a position to take better care of our teeth. Brushing and flossing will be made easy and there will be lesser risk of gum diseases.

Solution to Headaches

Okay so this will trigger the question Headache and Wisdom Tooth, what’s the connection? But there is and a major one.

Having impacted wisdom tooth might also mean that you have overly crowded teeth in your mouth. These overcrowded teeth radiate the pressure to the jaw and thus, causes cavities.

If you were facing the problem of headache and have also visited the doctor, yet the problem was not addressed, then look for a dentist. They might help you in getting rid of the same. To your surprise, you will find out that having wisdom tooth was causing trouble all the while. You yourself will feel that having your wisdom tooth extracted has helped you and you no longer feel the same pain which was a major cause of concern a few days ago.

Reduces threat to the nearby teeth

By the time we have our wisdom teeth in, all our permanent teeth have already developed, hence creating a problem of overcrowding teeth especially molars. The wisdom tooth tries to squeeze in between the molars, thus impacting the alignment of the teeth. Because the area is overly crowded it becomes difficult to get it cleaned and hence increases the chances of cavities in the adjacent teeth.

Having wisdom teeth removed will prevent our tooth from cavities and will not cause damage to the healthy tooth in the near future.

No more pain

When your wisdom tooth is erupting, you will feel excruciating pain and discomfort. The pain will be so high that will be causing difficulty in handling the same. You will then have no other option than getting your wisdom tooth extracted.

Because living with the pain will make your life difficult as it will prove to be a hindrance in your daily life and will also not let us function properly. The pain will be not only in that area but in the adjacent areas, head, and jaw.

Once you have the wisdom teeth extracted, you can avoid such pain, hence no discomfort will then be felt.

Lesser Oral Injuries

Because the impacted wisdom teeth are in the outward angle, this will lead to accidentally biting your cheeks while chewing, it can even scratch your tongue.

This can even add on to various other oral health problems thus impacting our mouth condition. Having the wisdom teeth will remove your tooth from the roots leaving no residue and thus no oral injuries as such.

So, all in all, getting the same extracted will only get on to the lesser risk of any further problems and better oral condition. Wisdom teeth removal is, therefore, a better way of getting rid of all the pain and discomfort.