Yoga is a practice that includes physical, mental, and spiritual exercises. It originated in ancient India. It is not really a form of religion but a style of living that aims at a healthy mind along with a healthy body. Yoga helps in the balanced development of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Yoga has a lot of advantages, the common ones being the management of stress and anxiety, increasing body flexibility and muscle strength, improvement of the respiration, keeping a relaxed mind, etc. The regular practice of yoga can prove to be extremely healthy in the long run. Today, worldwide yoga has become well practiced and preferred over many modern forms of exercises like gym, aerobics.

One of the prime usefulness of yoga is its help in improving work productivity or work capacity. Often corporate firms promote yoga sessions at the workplace to improve the productivity of their employees. You can reduce your mental stress by doing yoga every day and you can also strengthen your muscles by this process. But, to avoid injury, you must practice yoga under proper supervision to avoid slipping on yoga mat.

The Five Reasons Why Yoga Helps In Increasing Work Capacity Are As Follows:


1. Helps Beat Stress:

Corporate employees who work for almost throughout the day with less than six hours of sleep, are prone to high stress levels along with mental stress, and such emotional and personal stresses affect the employees’ health and productivity. These are some of the prime reasons that they fall prey to various conditions such as cold, allergies, diabetes and heart diseases. Hence, daily exercises in the form of yoga can regulate their breathing and relaxes the body by relaxing the levels of stress or tension.

2. Improves Level Of Concentration And Focus:

Be it any profession, workplaces are often placing where one must be actively involved in meetings. Deadlines remain a big worry for people. Yoga in the form of meditation, where deep breathing exercises can remove the stress from your mind. By improving better blood supplies in the blood, yoga makes one more attentive and alert. Thus, employees often concentrate on their work and take more thoughtful decisions. So, as an employer, you can promote yoga at your workplace, and you can conduct a few yoga sessions for your employees.

3. Develops A Stronger Immune System:

No matter where you work, every human being is often exposed to certain physical ailments or diseases. The work productivity is not just about working too many hours, but you need to work with consciousness. Someone working regularly at a very stable pace can often have better productivity. This regularity in work can easily be perturbed by the fact that the employee falls sick too often. Yoga can easily remove such problems as it works effectively in improving the immune system. Thus, it is more like a preventive measure and is a way better alternative in comparison to medicines.

4. Reduces Fatigue And Boosts Energy:

Working for long hours with little or no rest, surely means excess fatigue. Exercising in between work such as a bit of stretching or meditating for a few minutes, could build the energy and confidence level. Thus, better productivity is ensured with such a boost of energy.

5. Deals With Physical Ailments:

Working for long hours while sitting or standing at a place with hardly any movement, could lead to regular headaches, neck pains, shoulder stiffness or some long term problems like arthritis, heart diseases, etc. Practicing yoga is an effective way to prevent such problems.

Yoga, with all its advantages, is a very useful form of exercise that can ensure the complete well-being of a human being. The exercise is not only easy to learn but also very less time consuming.