In this year 2021, Canada has seen the highest number of internet searches for Botox with 18,000 searches per month, which is far ahead of the searches per month in the previous year, indicating that Botox is Canada’s most popular form of aesthetic procedure.

Considering getting Botox injections, a neurotoxin, to enhance your looks and get rid of wrinkles? You may have many questions surrounding the procedure as it involves “paralyzing” the facial muscles to eliminate fine lines. These are the top five things to consider when getting Botox Vancouver. Here is the best botox for men.


1. Know About Manufacturers

You are making sure that the manufacturer of the neurotoxin is reputable, ethical, and authorized. The same goes for the cosmetologist performing the procedure on you. The cosmetic industry is at risk of unethical practices as manufacturers and technicians make an easy buck. You should research the top manufacturers of the product and check the practitioner’s credentials before you proceed.

2. Don’t Go Cheap

It isn’t easy to pass up a bargain, but it may be a good idea to do so in the case of Botox in Vancouver. While reputed brands are expensive, they offer quality products to maintain their high standing. If your doctor provides a cheaper brand, it may be a diluted version of the toxin or not high quality.

3. Get a Thorough Evaluation

Not all procedures are for everyone, and you should make sure that you are eligible for treatment. Consulting an expert before going for treatment is highly recommended. It means that you should not have any pre-existing medical conditions that interfere with the neurotoxin.

Certain items should be avoided about a week before treatment and a few medicines a day prior. For example, you should avoid ginger, fish oil, cinnamon, and red wine for a week before the procedure because of the antioxidants in them, otherwise, it can make your blood vessels fragile and avert clotting. It would help if you avoided anticoagulants and blood thinners, too, as they may result in constant bleeding.

4. Know What to Avoid Immediately After

You cannot just carry on with life after a Botox injection. Popping pills such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen are a strict no-no. Also, avoid any other blood-thinning medication for at least six hours after the treatment. Do not bend forward for at least two hours post-injection because it can cause lumpiness. Activities such as exercise, washing your hair, flying, massages, using make-up, and strenuous work should be avoided for a few days.

5. Expect to Feel Funny

Even a few days after the treatment, you can expect to feel funny. People have reported feeling like their face had duct tape in it. This feeling reduces over time as the strength of the toxin reduces. It does not immobilize the muscles, restricts their movement. You may need to get another injection in six to eight months if you want the same look to last.

Botox in Vancouver is the ideal way to reverse age, albeit temporarily. It can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and give you a younger appearance. So long as you keep in mind the points mentioned above, you can get successful results that last long.