Dealing with the anxiety of going into surgery is one of the hardest things any person has to go through. And why should you go through these worries on yourself? Seeking out help from experts or your friends or family can help you a lot. Finding the right doctor and clinic where your surgery will take place can bring you comfort and peace. So here are six simple steps to mentally prepare yourself for breast reduction surgery.


1.) Find a doctor you can trust/ clinic: The first step to feeling better about having breast reduction surgery, is that you need to find the person that you trust. A doctor that you will trust with your life with, literally. We recommend that you go and visit as many doctors and clinics as you can. Find the one that feels right that you know they will do everything to make this procedure one of the smoothest and most comfortable. Look for cleanliness how the staff treats other patients. How good they are at helping you over the phone these simple things can make a much better experience for you.

2.) Know what you are going into: Know that this is a big risk that you are taking and its okay to feel what you are feeling. Most of the time why women get scared going into surgery is that you don’t understand why you are doing this to yourself. Why did you decide to get this surgery? Sure you can deal with back pain and clothes not fitting you properly so why are you going through with this. This can make you even more scared than ever before. Which leads to my next step.

3.) Give yourself time: Allow yourself to accept that you need this procedure and that is a benefit for your health. Giving yourself time to prepare your mind does wonders because no one is going to convince you better o make you feel better than yourself. It’s the accepting phase that is usually the hardest but give yourself time, don’t pressure yourself to into doing something too early.

4.) Don’t be scared to look for professional help: In times like these seek out professional help someone that can help you recognize this fear and grab the bull by the horns. Talking to a professional will help you understand yourself much better and help help you see that its ok to feel this way and that many women have to go through this surgery and it’s done to help you in the long run because dealing with the side effects of having large breast is not worth for the couple of weeks that you will be in recovery.

5.)Talk to other women that have had this procedure and ask questions on how their recovery went: Talking to other women that have experienced what you are about to go through is also an amazing way of therapy. Knowing that they survived and overcame this big challenge is reassuring to yourself. It makes can make you feel better of what lies ahead. Ask them questions on how their recovery went, and if they experienced the same emotions that you experience and how they dealt with them.

6.) Surround yourself with the people you love the most and talk to them about the surgery you are about to take: Letting the people that you care the most know that you are about to go through this intensive surgery will bring you the comfort and warmth that you need. These people love and care for you so letting them in and sharing this piece of information will only bring you all closer and they will be there for you when you get out of surgery to take care of you.

Knowing your emotions and how to control them will make this process easier for yourself. Dealing with anxiety is no easy task, so don’t go through this alone. Seek out help and talk to other women that have gone through this surgery and find comfort in their stories.