One of the beautiful things about Chesterfield is the suburban feel. You’d go tripping to the Katy Trail and the Castlewood State Park – exciting experiences! You would do all things but leave out visits to Chesterfield dentists.


Perhaps you thought oral care stops at brushing and flossing regularly. But does it?


So, does that mean that brushing and flossing of teeth have zero contributions to optimal oral health?


Brushing and flossing get you halfway. Besides, you can clean your teeth after every meal and still suffer a variety of dental issues.

You see: there is more to oral health than removing stuck food particles from your teeth. You will yet need regular check-ups with your dentists.

If not for anything, dental check-ups help you stay ahead of the impending dangers of your oral health. What dangers?

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Let’s find out!

3 Dangers Of Skipping Your Check-ups With Chesterfield Dentists

Tooth Sensitivity

If you suffer a sensitive tooth, even to brush or floss once daily will give you hell on earth. That is another testament to the former not being the solution to your dental problems.

So, how do you calm tooth sensitivity?

First, you need to stop your sweeteners. Sweet foods are the primary sources.

Another thing to consider is tooth abscess or cracked tooth. Such aberrations also lead to sensitive teeth.

Regardless of the cause, you’ll still need to visit a dentist for a treatment plan. Else, you risk losing your teeth or even jawbones to infections.

Gum Disease

Regardless of how often you brush or floss, you are (everyone is) at risk of gum diseases. As you grow, the gum naturally weakens. So, when you are around your 30s, then the risk of these incidences are high.

Other risk factor includes:

  • Diabetes,
  • Dry mouth, and
  • Smoking

The worse part: if you leave a gum disease untended, it may corrode down to other parts of your body (especially the heart) and lead to a full-blown illness.

When that happens, you might observe symptoms like bleeding and swollen gums.

So, what can you do?

Fortunately, you can avoid and treat gum diseases. How?


All the solutions lie with dentists. That’s even more reason to start visiting one today.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is another danger brushing can’t cure. Unfortunately, it is a rampant disease.

So, what are the risk factors of oral cancer?

  • Maturity – it is common for 40 years and above
  • Abuse of alcohol and tobacco
  • HPV – Human PapillomaVirus

How about the cure?

Only dentists can help. They often include the examination in their check-ups to nip the problem at the bud.

Knowing the dangers of not visiting experts is not enough. You also need to know which dentist in Chesterfield you can trust. This is where Clarkson Dental Group comes in.

Getting Help At Clarkson Dental Group

At Clarkson, you will find one of the best dentists in Chesterfield, OM. That’s not all. The dental care facility is also one with modern, state-of-the-art equipment.

Regarding experience, these experts have been helping patients in St. Louis and West County for over 30 years.

So, you have nothing to fear.

Why not schedule a date today and fix your check-up?