With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, all businesses must fulfill their responsibilities to workers and customers by cleaning the building each day. Faster cleaning services mitigate risks, and companies avoid major liabilities resulting from exposure to the virus. Professional cleaning services offer electrostatic cleaning processes to kill the COVID-19 virus and protect everyone using a building.

Why Electrostatic Cleaning Is Helpful

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Electrostatic cleaning is a faster and more widespread process and cleans larger spaces faster. When combating COVID-19, businesses can clean the entire office faster and prevent germs from spreading. New health protocols require businesses to clean offices each day to stop the spread of the virus and protect their workers more thoroughly. Business owners learn how to disinfect your office space by contacting professional cleaning services now.

Set Up Services for Cleaning Windows

In addition to electrostatic cleaning processes, business owners set up cleaning services for their windows. Debris builds up on the glass and around the window panes, and germs spread throughout the office. A sneeze or a cough too close to the windows allows germs to accumulate, and as the glass heats up, these germs are emitted throughout the space. Applying the same protocols to the windows makes the office environment safer for workers and visitors.

Implement Protocols for Workers

Safety and health protocols are in place to keep the workers healthier and reduce exposure to COVID-19. Companies require workers to wash their hands frequently to eliminate germs on their skin. The workers can wear gloves and masks to protect themselves from the virus, too. With the protocols in place, companies prevent germs from spreading from workers to visitors and vice versa.

Use Bleach In Between Professional Cleanings

Bleach is effective in killing germs and viruses, and workers use bleach when cleaning surfaces between professional cleanings. Applying bleach helps the workers disinfect and clean surfaces that customers touch frequently and protect the visitors against common germs and viruses. Desks, tables, doors, and metal or wood furnishings accumulate germs each day. Cleaning these surfaces with bleach lifts and removes contaminants.

Clean Flooring Every Day

Flooring is contaminated each day because of high foot traffic, and business owners need to deep clean the flooring to remove germs and harmful bacteria. Electrostatic cleaning is a great solution for flooring, and it addresses a larger area at once. However, deep cleaning should be performed at least once every six months to eliminate dirt and debris in the fibers of carpets. Wood flooring should be stripped to remove any buildup and make the floors germ-free.

Setting Up Cleaning Each Day

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Health standards require each business to clean its office daily to lower the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Professional cleaning services manage these requirements with electrostatic cleaning services. Additional cleaning steps help businesses avoid liabilities and keep everyone healthier. Service providers offer flexible scheduling for the cleaning services, and businesses can get their offices cleaned daily.

Thorough cleaning services are the only way to remove COVID-19 from commercial properties and protect workers and visitors. New health standards require business owners to set up daily cleaning processes to mitigate risks and kill germs and viruses. Electrostatic cleaning services are effective in managing COVID-19, and the cleaners disinfect larger spaces faster. To learn more about better cleaning services, contact a professional cleaning service now.