Erectile Dysfunction: 5 ways to treat it naturally and safely

What Your Doctor Wishes You Knew About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is an embarrassing and distressing condition that can affect men at any age, although ED is more likely to happen later in life. Often there is an underlying medical cause, so if it becomes a regular occurrence, consult your doctor. However, if you’ve been cleared of any medical reason and it is still causing you to underperform in the bedroom, there are several safe, natural ways to treat it so that you can have the love life you deserve.

Erectile Dysfunctions


Stress is at the root of many of life’s niggles, which is hard when it’s an everyday part of life. Regardless, do what you can to cut out long-term causes of stress and learn management skills for the day-to-day stress with which you must live. Doing so will not only help your sexual function but help you to become healthier overall. Meditation and gentle exercise like yoga are excellent ways to focus on nothing but the present, giving your mind a much-needed break from the usual clamor of life.

Take a pill

Taking VigRX Plus will safely boost the levels of nitric oxide in your blood and allow you to achieve a full erection through increased blood flow. Not all pills for erectile dysfunction are the same so be sure to choose one from a respected manufacturer, as your penis isn’t something you want to mess up.


Being overweight can cause ED due to chronic pressures on the heart and body and lower the production of testosterone in the body. Making changes to your diet by cutting down on portion sizes, including high zinc foods and other beneficial fresh foods, as well as cutting down on processed and refined foods, will make a significant difference to your overall health. Cut down the amount of alcohol and caffeine as well for additional benefits.


If you aren’t already undertaking moderate levels of exercise, then now is the time to start. As well as helping with weight loss, regular exercise helps with testosterone production, that all-important hormone for sexual function. An added benefit of undertaking regular exercise is building physical stamina, which is also helpful in the bedroom. Don’t overdo things, though, as too much exercise can also negatively affect testosterone levels, so if you’re just starting, start small and build up.

Talk it out

Perhaps there is more on your mind than you care to admit. In that case, try a course of counseling to get to the root of your problem. When everyday stresses aren’t the apparent cause of your problem, it may be that something deeper-seated is at play, and talking to an impartial professional can help you figure out what is going on and address the issue. It may be a repressed memory of past trauma or a work thing you didn’t realize was such a bother. You’ll have the mental headspace needed to let your body function on the physical level again by dealing with it.