Our feet are always prone to infection due to their constant contact with a lot of dirt and dust; this leads to increased chances of contamination. For seniors, the risk of struggling with foot problems takes a whole new level due to their weaker immune systems. This is why seniors need to pay extra attention and care for their feet by maintaining a healthy weight, high level of hygiene, and most importantly, pay attention to the type of shoes they are wearing. Many foot problems, including blisters, corns, bunions, and others, usually happen because of ill-fitting shoes. The constant use of wrong footwear might also lead to more serious problems such as bad posture and back pain. 

To avoid making such poor choices, we have collected some important parameters that you should consider when buying your next pair of shoes. 

It’s Better to Pick Dedicated Shoe Types for Seniors

If you are already dealing with foot problems and other related issues, then it’s better to pick designated shoes that are made with these considerations in mind instead of going through the hassle of considering every important factor that goes into purchasing suitable footwear. Sometimes, it’s better to leave this job to professionals who have studied these problems and decided on the right type of shoes that you should go for. Many seniors who are dealing with foot or back pain prefer orthopedic shoes that have been designed specifically to support the exact structure of the foot. These seniors orthopedics shoes have several advantages. Their medical benefits include wide toe boxes to relieve pressure which helps in preventing bunions and hammertoe, protective interiors to eliminate pressure points, stretchable uppers to leave enough room for the upper area of your feet, arch support, special soles to help in alleviating pain, and many more.

Pay Attention to Your Shoe Soles

Many seniors suffer from frequent falls. As we age, we tend to lose bone density, this means we are more prone to bone fractures even from small falls. One of the main causes of the high frequency of falls that seniors often complain about is the type of shoes they are wearing. To be specific, it’s the soles of their shoes. While you might think that flexible shoes that bend easily are better since they are not so hard on your foot, these soles can easily cause seniors to twist their ankles or feet and fall. To avoid this common problem, you might want to go for more sturdy soles that provide better stability. Harder midsoles are considered to be slip-resistant. Also bear in mind that it’s better to get rid of any shoes with worn-out tread.

Size and Weight 

This might come across as obvious, but you should always pay attention to the size of your shoes. If you picked a pair of shoes that are smaller or ill-fitting, you will be more likely to struggle with many foot problems. Shoes that are bigger than your size can slide and easily throw you off balance which results in more slips and falls.

Mobility issues are much more common among seniors. Picking heavy shoes just adds fuel to fire. Lifting your feet and moving is a serious problem for seniors who purchase heavy footwear. If you catch yourself shuffling rather than lifting your feet up to walk, then your shoes might be too heavy for your feet. This will not only afflict pain in the foot, but it might also cause you to trip and fall. 

Low and Closed Heels 


Comfort should be your number one priority while selecting the right type of shoes that suit your feet. Low heels are much better at providing comfort and stability. Low heels also help in correcting bad posture, gait, and provide you with a better sense of balance. This tip isn’t only for seniors, but everyone should steer away from high heels as they are bad news for our bodies.

If you are already dealing with stability and balance issues, then you should never consider buying open heeled shoes. They can easily slide off your foot. If you are after stability, then closed heeled shoes are the right option for you.

It’s so easy to ignore minor factors like picking the right pair of shoes while we are young. As we get older, these small details that we have overlooked tend to show their bad side effects and how serious they can be for our health and quality of life. Choosing the right pair of shoes goes beyond comfort and style, it’s rather essential for preventing a lot of common foot problems and other serious related issues.