Sports massage is a popular treatment option among athletes because it provides a way to stay injury-free as well as complete activity at optimal performance. The term sports massage is used to describe a range of techniques of massage therapy targeted at enhancing athletic performance as well as fitness training.

A Sports massage therapist in NYC can provide techniques that will help with joint range of motion, provide passive stretching, compression, and other rehabilitative therapies.

If you play sports or take part in a regular fitness activity, learning more about sports massage midtown can help your performance.

Categories of Sports Massage

There are three categories involved in sports massage midtown therapies: pre-event, post-event and maintenance. With pre-event, a massage will be provided the night before or on the day of the event.

Treatment can be set up on location if needed. The goal is to provide an increase in circulation for the muscles as well as to stimulate the nervous system.

This helps to increase the mobility of your joints and provide relaxation. Depending on the sport you take part in, range of motion as well as targeting active and passive stretching may be provided.

Pre Post Sports Massage

With post-event sports massage, you have a treatment that is provided after an event or the next day of participation. The goal is to provide detox to the muscles and help the individual relax.

The massage will help to treat any muscle cramps as well as minimize any muscle spasms. It can also help to maintain flexibility as well as have a restorative effect. This treatment option can also be set up on site of an event.

With the last category, maintenance sports massage, you have a therapeutic option that will help you to enhance your performance over a season or during a training program. It can also be useful when preparing for a specific event.

Massage therapy midtown in this category provides an ultimate goal of addressing specific injuries as well as any aches and pains. Muscles and joints are treated based on the activity or sport of participation.

Sports Massage Treatment

With sports massage, you can have a treatment option that is specific to your individual needs. By visiting a massage therapist, you can speak to the professional about your overall goals.

If you are participating in a big event or play a seasonal sport, then maintenance sports massage is a great option.

If you are an athlete that takes part in marathons and other high-level fitness events, pre and post sports massage would be a treatment to consider.

When you take part in athletics or fitness activities on a regular basis, the body needs recovery time. With sports massage, you have a relaxing way in which to allow the body to recover and operate well when performing.

Speak to a professional massage therapist today about sports massage and how it could benefit you based on your sports activities or fitness goals. You may be surprised to find how well your body responds to the therapeutic treatment!