COVID-19 is highly contagious, and testing can help protect your loved ones. Getting accurate results is critical in determining the cause of action to be taken before it is too late. The Otsego, MN Covid testing specialists offer different Covid 19 tests, including antigen tests that can deliver results in no time. With the years passing with the world pandemic, there is a need to expand the testing, and you can now take a test at home. However, you want to cooperate with the medical professionals first to understand how to go about it to ensure you get accurate results. The following tips can help improve your at-home Covid 19 test results.

Go for FDA-approved Tests

Multiple tests for Covid 19 exist out there, but not all are reliable. The last thing you want is false results. Therefore, only go for the tested and approved tests by the FDA. The antigen test is one of the most common and approved tests for Covid 19, but you want to ensure you get a legit one. Talk to your doctor to understand the necessary information you need to carry on the test at home. The FDA has released a list of antigen tests that are authorized to be used.

Carefully Follow the Swabbing Instructions

Covid 19 testing results can be affected by the slightest mistake in testing. That is why you ought to ensure you are sobbing correctly. Remember that each test is different, and you must properly understand the test you are undertaking. You can use the instructions on every test to get quality specimens for reliable results. You better consult your doctor where you don’t understand for clarification than have the wrong results.

No Reusing

The antigen results might not be easily accessible, and some people are tempted to make more out of the test kit. However, please do not share or use the swab as it can interfere with the results or spread the infection. Only use the swab once and dispose of it properly; additionally, you must protect the swabs from external factors influencing the results. Remember that the swab is already sterilized when being secured to the box. Also, it is important to remember only the swab provided in the test kit. It may appear similar to a common cotton swab but do not be tempted.


Give the Test Enough Time

Timing is important when testing for Covid 19. Do not check the results so soon or wait longer than the recommended time. Taking more time to check the results does not help with sensitivity but can distort the results. Get the instructions carefully about when to know the time is up to avoid instances of false positive or negative results due to overdevelopment.

Confirm the Test

A single test might not be enough to give accurate results. Consider getting an additional test from the doctor when you get negative results but are experiencing Covid 19 symptoms. Some at-home test kits recommend you test twice to confirm the result. Talking to medical professionals can help you understand your results and the next steps you should take.

Learn more about Covid 19 testing by talking to the specialists at GatherWell today. Make a call or schedule your appointment online for the help you need. Remember to carry your at-home test results, if any.