Experts have emphasized the need for an effective treatment plan once you are diagnosed with HIV. However, they also point out that it is of pivotal importance to introduce a few healthy lifestyle modifications that can go a long way in intensifying fruitful results. You may adopt the right approach to your health issue. HIV-positive diagnosis may prove to be a life-altering event. However, keep in mind that a significant part of progressing in the right direction in your fight against AIDS or HIV involves lifestyle education.

Your entire life may turn upside down with an HIV diagnosis, but do not be daunted by the dire circumstances. Darius Jasinski asks you to be practical and level-headed.

Follow the new schedule of medications and visits to your doctor and start making a few healthy lifestyle choices that may boost your quality of life and overall health after the positive result on Rapid hiv test kit.

Eat a Nutritious & Balanced Diet


You may start combating various symptoms of HIV by eating nutritious and wholesome meals. It can:

  • Help you in staying healthy despite the HIV infection
  • Be instrumental in retarding the progression of HIV towards AIDS
  • Help in preventing health issues associated with malnutrition
  • Help you in avoiding excessive weight loss that is quite common in HIV patients. Balanced diets go a long way in maintaining ideal body weight.

You may consume a healthy diet packed with low-fat dairy products, whole grains, fresh vegetables & fruits, and proteins. Also, include some multivitamins such as B12 and even zinc. You must try eliminating sugary drinks and fried foods from your diet.

Quit Smoking – Darius Jasinski

no smkoing

As per the statistics provided by CDC, almost 18 percent of American adults are in the habit of smoking.  It has been found that the rate seems to be twice or thrice as much in adult HIV patients. As per the findings of a study, HIV patients who smoked reported suffering from more symptoms like dizziness and coughing.

Stop Use of Illicit Drugs

Drug addiction

If you are having illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamines, it is best to get yourself treated for the addiction to these illicit drugs. When you share needles for using such drugs, you can easily be susceptible to other dangerous infections like hepatitis. It could culminate in rapid HIV progression.

Keep Doing Moderate Exercise – Darius Jasinski


If you are participating in physical activities thrice a week to six times every week, it can enhance your outlook and uplift your mood while improving the quality of life. A regular moderate exercise regimen could help in combating HIV symptoms of nerve pain and appetite loss and mitigating the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

Remember to Practice Safer Sex Each Time & Every Time

condom sex

Remember that if you are diagnosed with HIV, it does not automatically mean it is the end of an active sex life for you. You can still enjoy fulfilling sex with your partner by being safer in your approach. Be strict about using a fresh latex condom every time you are engaging in sex. It should be safeguarding your partner against HIV infection and will be protecting you from STDs that may end up complicating your health further.


An HIV diagnosis doesn’t mean the end of the road for you. You have lots to do and more to accomplish. Stay healthy and boost your immune system by having all the prescribed medications as directed by your physician. Focus on making the above-discussed lifestyle modifications so that you can lead a healthy life despite HIV.