One of the top sports brands, New Balance, provides premium products for the athletic community. With an assortment of sports items, including shoes, activewear, and sportswear, if you are looking for quality, comfort, and style, New Balance should be your go-to brand.

Looking for New Balance shoes online? Here are the top 5 websites selling New Balance shoes and other merchandise.

On Sport

This website is by far the best to shop New Balance shoes online. The site offers New Balance shoes for both men and women at discounted prices. The site also offers points for other services. For every dollar that you spend, you get 5 Qantas points, 5 Velocity points, and others. On Sport offers the best prices for its items.

New Balance shoes for men

Apart from this, but you can find a range of other sports-related products, such as sportswear, trackers, shoes, and much more. The site has products from other popular sport and fitness brands as well. But the best part is that it offers free shipping for all of its products, and offers free returns too. There are also student discounts on the website as well.


You can find a range of New Balance shoes for men, women, and children on Sportitude. The website also has other products, including clothing, boots, shoes, and accessories.

New Balance shoes for men

The site offers free shipping for orders over $100. Students can also avail discounts on the products listed on the site. There are discounts and offers for other brands but not for New Balance shoes, which is a letdown. However, with the Sportitude Edge Reward system, you can avail a 15% discount.

The Iconic

New Balance shoes for men

While the site does have New Balance shoes, there is only a limited variety. You can find a range of women’s New Balance clothing items, including pants, tights, shorts, tees, tank tops, and more. In addition to New Balance sports products, there are other popular brands. Unlike the first two sites, this does not specialize in sport-related merchandise. So if you are looking for sports products, you might want to stick with the first two. The best thing about the site is perhaps the fact that it offers free shipping and free returns on all of its products. Moreover, the delivery is fast for all orders.

You can also check for other products.


New Balance shoes for men

The Catch also has New Balance shoes but has a limited collection. However, you can find other New Balance items, such as tees, tank tops, tights, shorts, pants, and other products on the website and in stores. What the site lacks in the range of items, it makes up for it in price. Most of the New Balance items are in an affordable price range.

The Next Pair


You may not find New Balance clothing items on the site, but the Next Pair has a huge range of New Balance shoes for men and women both. Apart from these items, the website has other footwear items (casual and sports) from various brands for men and women. The site offers free shipping only for orders over $100. It takes about a couple of days for the orders to be delivered.