Whether you want to learn some basic yoga poses and moves or you intend to enroll in a yoga class, you can get some tips on where to begin using relevant yoga apps or on YouTube. Yoga can be intimidating and requires a step-by-step guide to start on the easier early poses as you advance slowly to the more complex and somewhat intimidating poses. If you want to learn a few poses, here are some tips that can get you started.

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)


This could be argued to be the easiest pose. It’s just standing, but it works your torso and legs when actively done. It’s great as a confidence booster and eases tension. Here is the sequence:

1. On your yoga mat, stand with your legs parallel to each other and slightly apart. A good way to gauge this stance is to see if your second toes are parallel.

2. Press into all four sides of your feet; your big toe, small toe, left side of your heels, and right side of your heels. As you push into your feet, feel the tension that develops on your feet, muscles, and entire leg.

3. Take a deep breath, then roll your shoulders up and back, then release them down so that your shoulder blades are resting on each other and your neck is elongated.

4. Take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed or open in this position.

Forward Fold (Utanasama)

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1. Inhale, then lift your arms to the sides and up, over your head.

2. Exhale and release your arms. You can choose to relax your arms on both sides of your body or by placing them on the front. Fold your torso over your legs as you slightly bend your knees.

3. Relax into the pose, and then begin to straighten your legs, stop and adjust to relax when you feel a pinch or sharp painful movement.

4. Put your hands on your shin, feet, or the floor. This works to passively lengthen your spine and hamstrings a subtle way to work on your balance.

Plank Pose


This pose actively works all the muscles of your front body.

1. From the forward fold, put your hands flat on the yoga mat while bending your knee, then step back one leg at a time.

2. Press into your hand while keeping your body parallel to the yoga mat, then pull your belly button towards your spine.

3. Take a deep breath on this pose while working your core and arms.

Down-Facing Dog


This pose is essential in aiding your digestion, elongating your spine, and stretching your back leg muscles.

1. Push into your hands from the plank pose, lift your hip, and inhale.

2. Your legs should be straight, and your hips working towards the yoga mat. Keep your legs active and heels reaching towards the yoga mat on the ground.

4. If it’s your first time on this pose, peddle out your feet a little to warm the leg muscles–it helps to avoid muscle pulls.

Child’s Pose


1. Take a deep breath, relax your leg, with your knee slightly bent towards the yoga mat, pull your hips towards your heel and place your head on the floor.

2. This pose is restorative, and you’ll need to find the most relaxed position for your muscles. This pose relaxes your shoulders, neck, and spine.

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