Some people have a great talent for buying a perfect gift every time, while those like us never know what to get, no matter how close we are to the gift recipient. However, if your birthday boy or girl is a fitness lover, you don’t have to think much about their gift. If you surprise them with something that can help them reach their fitness goals or improve their workout experience, they will be over the moon. With that in mind, here are a few amazing birthday gift ideas for fitness lovers:

Hiking bag

People who love going on long hikes are super savage, but they also need some help along the way. Well, this is where your gift comes in—a practical fanny pack for hikers. There are specialized bags that hold water as well as all other hiking necessities while keeping their hands free for walking sticks and holding on to dear life.

Suspension trainer system

If your fitness lover is a fan of home workouts, provide them with something light, simple and effective that will bust their behind with every training session. A suspension trainer system like TRX GO takes up very little space yet provides you with an extensive workout every time. This gift is perfect for those who often travel and want to maintain their fitness regimen on the go—this piece of gear packs in a suitcase or any travel bag and can travel wherever they go.

Food processor

Birthday Gifts

Fitness and diet go hand in hand, so providing them with a way to maintain their healthy eating habits is a gift that won’t go unnoticed. A food processor allows the preparation of easy and nutritious morning smoothies and various frozen food treats. There are plenty of recipes available today that will be tasty, nutritious and fast to prepare. And a food processor is a universal kitchen tool that the entire family can use.

Stylish workout clothing

Working out in a shabby cotton t-shirt is a nightmare. Plus, workout selfies in old clothes can only end up deleted. So, if you want to provide them not only with ultimate comfort and functionality at the gym but also with immaculate style, look up some stylish leggings perfect for all sorts of fitness activities. These leggings come in all the trendy colors or neutral shades, depending on your gift recipient’s preferences and personal style. And they are not only suitable for the gym or a quick jog, but also for running errands, playing with kids and traveling.

Fitness tracker

This gift mixes fashion and fitness in the best way possible. A fitness tracker is great for tracking activities and bodily functions during exercise, but also for taking calls and seeing notifications while working out. It’s a great tool that every fitness freak needs to have on them at all times if they are serious about improving their performance and overall health.

Handheld massager

Birthday Gifts

People who train hard know just how painful those bulging muscles can get after a workout. While the best solution is to have a proper massage administered by a trained massage therapist, this is not always possible. The next best thing is a handheld massager that delivers percussive massage beneficial for muscle recovery and pain reduction. With one of these bad boys, your gym rat can get great relief after every workout session in literal minutes.

Fitness board game

You’d be surprised how many gamers are also fitness lovers, so provide them with an opportunity to mix these two and have a blast while working out. Boardgains is a fun game that will challenge all players in a fun and dynamic way. Roll the dice, perform the moves you get and see who can set the best score. All the exercises here are bodyweight, but the players can modify the rules and increase or decrease the requirements. It’s a very unique gift that will be much appreciated.

After these gifts, you can expect your gift recipient to look better than ever and feel mighty and strong. And to cherish your thoughtful present, of course!