Let’s make 2021 the year of a brand new and positive beginning. Pilates is the perfect way to get started with this theme.

What’s great about Pilates is that it exercises the whole body. Not many sports or exercises can do this, but pilates is a fine exception.

Its two purposes are:
● Increase your core strength
● increase your spine flexibility.

These are two wonderful physical traits to have under your belt. However, pilates can be hard and sometimes harmful to the body, if you don’t do it correctly. This is why working with an instructor like NQ Physio Townsville Pilates is one of the safest ways of carrying out this exercise.

You need to choose a local instructor. For example, if you live in Hammersmith, then you would search for Pilate classes in Hammersmith.

You cant guarantee that there will be an instructor in every area, but it’s worth finding out the nearest area to you that they work in.

But, why else would you choose pilates?

Not only is this exercise good for people who want to get fitter, but it helps people to correct their posture. A bad posture can weaken your spine and can cause problems in the long run.

Pilates will help correct any physical imbalance in the body. This may include previous injuries or ongoing health problems.


Your perfect pilates workout

If you are new to pilates, then you need to start with the traditional form of pilates. This is a recommended step by the experts, to which your instructor will inform you.

With pilates, there isn’t a one method approach. The instructor needs to be aware of how you move and your medical history. It will worth being prepared to communicate this with your instructor. So, a tailored strategy can be worked on.

The next question to ask yourself is how do you want to work?

Pilates can be private or performed in a group setting. I think it’s best to start out working privately, that way each exercise will be more tailored to you and therefore you will probably get a lot more out of each session.

What else?

Pilates has existed for centuries and its become an industry that has grown a lot. If you don’t think you connect with your instructor then don’t be afraid to ask for more guidance. Several studios have quite a few different teachers. Your perfect instructor could be right around the block.

The second point you want to think about is to identify your main goal when committing to lessons. Is there a specific area of the body you want to work on?

The instructor will be able to adapt to any physical need you want to improve. Although, you can take a more generalized approach and just rock up.

However, the most important tip is that if you are a beginner, then be sure to ease into the exercises carefully. Your body will not be used to moving in the way and manner that pilates functions. It’s about treating your body with a little delicacy and working one step at a time.


To sum up

Here are my top tips in 5
1. Search for local pilates instructors
2. Identify your pilates goal
3. Work with an instructor
4. Take each exercise with caution
5. Don’t be afraid to work with a different instructor.
These are 5 good points to get started with, but above all else, have fun!

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Sam Edwards is a content writer who lives in Tunbridge Wells. He is working for Send Koala. When he is not writing, he can be found grabbing a coffee or playing guitar.