Horseback riding is a bigger industry than you might think: worth $50 billion a year, to be precise. Between experienced, professional riders and weekend hobbyists, more and more people are getting into the equestrian spirit.

But do they know how to really make the most of it?

After all, what’s the use of riding if you’re not pulling off as many cool horseback riding tricks as you can? Check out our guide for everything you to know about jumps on horseback and other great tricks!

Lift Those Feet!

This is a great early trick to treat your horse because it can actually help you out when it comes to grooming and shoeing them. The key is to (gently!) pinch your horse’s leg tendon so that they raise their foot in the air, hold their foot there for around half a minute then (again, gently!) lower it back down to the ground.

The key is to do this to each of your horse’s legs until you’ve done it to each one about 10 times. Any more, and both you and your horse will start to get bored.

Eventually, your horse will catch on to what you want from them and begin to perform the trick themselves. It might not be flashy, but this can be a great first step towards a firmer bond with your horse, and lays the groundwork for the even cooler tricks to come!


Take a Bow

In a nice, soft area (easy to find if you’re one of the 70% of horse owners that live rurally), take your horse’s favorite treat and hold it in between their front legs. At the beginning, all you’re really interested in is developing your four-legged friend’s sense of balance.

Once they can drop down to grab the treat without fuss, begin to offer it while standing at their side. This will compel them to increase their incline as they reach to grab the treat.

Try alternating between treats and praise, too. After all, you’ll soon run out of carrots if your horse expects a treat every time!

Work on That Accuracy

This is less a single trick than it is a series of exercises to get your horse dancing on the head of a pin. After all, it doesn’t matter how cool your horseback riding tricks are if your horses are sloppy and uncoordinated.

By using obstacle courses and pole exercise horse techniques, you can develop your horse’s dexterity and perception to a razor-sharp point. It’s not a trick in and of itself, but it’s crucial to pretty much any other trick you can name.

Horseback Riding Tricks for All Occasions

The best thing about teaching your horse new horseback riding tricks is that it deepens the bond between horse and rider. By going through all these exercises with your equine friend, you’ll take your relationship to new heights and look great doing it!

So get out there and saddle up!

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