Recently the temperature has cooled down severely, many friends are discussing how, is it necessary to change the equipment, just in time to buy some winter wild fishing equipment for the double Halloween, to get a fishing rod for fish in winter. Before the temperature is high, we generally use the big thing rod and so on, in order to catch big fish and prepare, so the fishing rod is also relatively strong.

Now the temperature is low, the big fish gradually open less, most people have turned to attack North American dogfish, many people want to know if there is a need to buy North American dogfish special fishing rod, the main focus of fishing North American dogfish, increase the feel.

I previously bought a comprehensive fishing rod, rarely will buy a special class of rods, comprehensive fishing rod for a wide range of applications, whether it is fishing for small fish or big fish, fishing for small fish will not be tired, fishing for big fish can also let go of the problem of not worrying about the rod broke. But now that winter has arrived the fishing rod in the choice needs to change?

Winter fishing, fishing rod in the end how to choose

In the winter, if you want to get a new fishing rod, in your fishing rod not many conditions, it is recommended to choose a comprehensive fishing rod, if the surgery rod too much, in fact, you can give up the idea of buying a new rod, fishing rod and then more, fishing with so one or two, can not bring all the fishing rod every time you fish!

Want to add a new rod anglers can choose Qimu high carbon rod, the appearance of this rod atmosphere, when you take out the hand are very high-end simple, the rod belongs to the 28 tonality, using also imported high tonnage carbon cloth production, the use of light and convenient, and good hardness.

The weight of the 3.6m rod is only 89 grams, but the design of the center of gravity is backward, to avoid the problem of head heavy, even if the high frequency of continuous casting is perfectly fine, fishing a day will not feel tired hands.

This high carbon rod casting and lifting practical feeling are very comfortable, waist force is also good, the top fishing value can reach 3100 grams, both the feel and the speed of the return of fish, the price is very high.

In the case of few rods, definitely pay more attention to practicality, whether it is a big fish or small fish, can be done in one rod, unless you like to catch small fish. Comprehensive rod I recommend choosing the size of about 4.5 meters in length, suitable for fishing waters more, if the fishing waters are very small fish overall also small situation can be used 3.9 meters, the water area is large, the fish can choose a longer rod.

If you want to buy a long rod, it is recommended to choose a harder rod. Some people think that as long as the comprehensive long rod will be relatively hard, but not all, many rods also play the word can catch big catfish, but immediately after the hand use can be found, the rod is very soft, especially the long rod, easy to appear such a situation. Buy a fishing rod can not be cheap, you can buy a little more expensive, or later use the loss or their own.

How to match the bait in winter

You can use Qimu fish madness mention when making bait or opening bait, the usage is very simple, only need to spray on 3-4 times. It contains a variety of fish-attracting conductors, which can make fish feel hungry quickly and want to eat like crazy, and it has strong diffusion, so it can induce a wider range of fish to gather here after entering the water to improve the hit rate.


How to choose bait flavor in winter

Winter is generally recommended to choose fishy bait, generally fishy bait is selected live worms, etc., mainly this type of bait contains high protein, strong flavor, better diffusion, winter water temperature is low, the fish are not active, the need for heavy flavor bait fishing, so that the fish can smell the bait to bite.


Want to catch fish, you can not use the equipment at will, equipment with, bait selection is the important link, winter wild fishing itself is a relatively difficult thing, do not let the equipment slow down the fishing footsteps.