This is a good machine for you if you want to fit and smart. An air walker exercise machine provides you a great chance to be a perfect fit and healthy person. It gives its outcomes for both upper and lower part of your body if you workout on this. Air walker exercise machine provides a chance of getting smart and a good looking one, which is admirable by everyone.

Air walker exercise machine is good because it can be used by everyone no matter that you have an experience or not. It is the machine on which you can workout for the lower and upper part of your body simultaneously.

It does not depend upon someone’s fitness to use an air walker exercise machine, everyone can workout on this.

Air Walkers

An air walker is not a specific brand, there are many distinct manufacturers. Its further aspects are explained below:

• Pro-Form Model:


This is the highly demandable model of an air walker machine and is the latest machine to workout. It provides low-intensity and low-impacted cardiovascular effect which helps you to convert your body into your desired form and also to reduce the entire body weight.

This not only helps you in reducing your body weight but also makes your muscles strong and more active. You get a lot of fruitful outcomes from this machine. You also enjoy to workout on this because it is not a hard one and provides you a smoother way to use it easily. It also gives your muscles a perfect shape and improves your personality. You can also burn out your extra fat and calories of your body.

• Part List:
1. Monitor
2. Handlebar
3. Carriage Bolt
4. Nylon Nut
5. Ball Pin
6. Washer
7. Main Frame
8. Abdominal Support
9. Allen Screw
10. Ball Pin2
11. Allen Key
12. Wrench


These all are the parts of an air walker machine and these are called as the building units of the air walker exercise machine.

• Instructions:

The instructions to use an air walker machine in the best way are given below:

i. Unfolding The Air Walker Trainer:
• Pull out the large ball pin (10) which is present beside the swing bars, to remove the lock from the swing bars.
• Pull out ball pin (6) which is present between the hinges, where the two support tube meets to unlock the mainframe.
• Unlock the mainframe by pulling apart the support tubes.
• Reintroducing the ball pin into aligned hinges to secure the mainframe.
• Unfold both the pedals to have a machine fully unfolded.
ii. Attaching The Abdominal Support:
• Introducing the abdominal part into the slot present on the top of the mainframe. Then adjust the abdominal part into the aligned holes that are inserted into the Allen screw.
• Using the Allen key to insert into a large ball pin on the hole of abdominal support.
• The Allen key is inserted into abdominal support to secure it.
iii. Attaching The Handlebars:
• Make sure the secure holes on each handlebar are facing outwards.
• Attach the square part of the bolts locks into square holes.
• Repeat to attach the handlebars.
• Secure the mainframe also.
iiii. Attaching  The Handlebars:

Place the washer a nylon nut on each bolt and use the wrench to secure the handlebars.

v. Attaching the Monitor:

Slide the monitor onto the bar present at the abdominal support.

vi. Assembly Is Complete:

The whole parts of the machine are described. An air walker exercise machine is a great source of providing fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

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