The Inspiring Story of Romelu Lukaku is heart warming and very inspiring. Here it is narrated by one of the greatest players in Europe.

“When I was 6 years old, we were destitute, not only poor but totally destitute.
All our food was milk and bread. That’s what we could afford.

And on the day I came back from school to find my mother crying and mixing milk with water, our conditions became so bad that the milk would be mixed with water to suffice me and my brother.

That day we sat in the dark amid the rats that fill the house pray to change our situation and change that life.

That day I swore to my mother that our lives would not stay that way, and that I would become the best player in the history of Belgium.

I started to play football like my father and I was playing every match with extreme focus and ferocity, even if it was in the garden behind the house as if it were the final of the Champions League. Even though I stayed 10 years without watching the Champions League because we had to sell our television to pay our debts.

The students at school were talking about Zidane’s goal in the Champions League final and I was talking with them about him without actually seeing him or the goal.

On the day that my grandfather arrived from Congo, he asked me to take care of my mother and not leave her and five days later he passed away.

At that I was playing football with extreme focus and became accustomed to harassment about my age that I was forced to carry my certificate with me to prove my age before each game.

Now, after terrible trouble, the situation has changed,
No mice at home,
Do not mix the milk with water,
No prayer in the dark,
No cutting of bread,
No tears of my mother,
The house has more than one television,
I play at Manchester United,
I became the historic scorer for Belgium,
But all I want to do is talk to my grandfather and tell him that I took care of my mother and I do not have my birth certificate with me to prove my age because EVERYONE in the world knows who I am once

Romelu Lukaku

The best player in the history of Belgium at the age of 25

Romilo Lucaco