Many of us are struggling in this world for a career advancement or to gain an edge over our peers at work. Some try to work harder jobs or longer hours to gain essential skills. But others learn to work smart by working on themselves and upgrading their education and experience wisely.

The most obvious way for capacity buiding is learning a new language. Not only does it allow you to better at work but it opens up your personality to a whole new world. Just like the Europeans when Christopher Columbus explored the new world and today we are all open to the Americas and their cultures.

Of course, the choice of language is not that difficult. We believe two languages are worth learning these days to keep them in your resume. Learning Spanish and Chinese are well needed in the current workforce globally. However, Spanish is definitely easier to learn and practice for many reasons. Many search online for the best spanish learning programs or best spanish classes for adults near me, but it will never be the same as joining a spanish language in spain or elsewhere.

Here in this article, we will outline why you should study Spanish and how to choose a good Spanish Language School.

Why choose Spanish as a second language


Spanish language is a derivative of Latin language, as many similar languages. When you learn Spanish language, yo can almost comprehend Portuguese, Italian and French. That is almost half the world speaking countries.

Alongside English, Spanish is the most taught foreign language at schools. If you have missed it at primary school, now is the time to join the rest of the world.

Spanish is the 4th most spoken language around the world after English, Chinese and Hindi. But from a strategic perspective, it is the easiest to learn and access. Not only do many countries speak spanish, but most Southern United States of America and South America are speaking spanish. Talk about opening unlimited trade and job opportunities with the rest of the World that is unrivaled by your colleagues.

Tips on finding the best language school to learn Spanish

Spanish with a good language school

1. Choose a school with an impact. The way academic studies are taught to you will influence your perception of the language and subsequent understanding of the culture and work ethics.

2. Write a list of your favorite schools. Say you want spanish language schools in mexico or spanish language schools in spain. The choice is up to you but nothing will beat studying spanish language in Spain! We have a wrote an article before about studying in Europe and Spain as the experience will definitely be overwhelming. Besides, if you intend to come learn Spanish in Spain to push your career, perhaps you will find a new job in Spain. The opportunities from traveling and learning new experiences and cultures are endless.

3. Do not wait. You have taken the decision, just take action. Send your documents before the deadline. Already it will take a few months till you receive a decision for acceptance then move near to the school of your choice.

4. Ask for a financial aid. Some schools and many organizations offer discounts for students. It never hurts to ask to save a few bucks. Plus, some schools offer housing and lunch on campus besides different city offers for students. The whole experience might be even better than you expected.

5. Networking is the key. You are not only gaining insights into another language. You are also experiencing cultures and people. Think of how many like minded individuals attending schools with you. You al have unlimited opportunities to work together and collaborate. You will make tons of friendships across the city and school that you will want to come back.



Once you decide you need a career advancement, do not think twice. Start planning on how to choose spanish as second language and move to apply to a spanish language school spain preferrable.