If someone has prostate cancer that has still not spread over to any other parts of his body, then the best solution to get cancer cured is to opt for a surgery which is known as “radical prostatectomy”. It is a surgery where the prostate gland is removed in its entirety along with some other tissues nearby.

In this modern era, this entire procedure of performing the surgery has been automated, giving rise to something that is called “Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon”.

prostate cancer

What is robotic prostate cancer surgery?

The Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgery, also know as Da Vinci surgery, is a type of surgery where the surgeon uses the assistance of robotic surgical tools to operate on the patient. There are two units of the machine involved in this process. The first is the Patient Unit that performs the surgery and the other is the Controller Unit which takes the input from the surgeon. The surgeon sits in front of the Controller Unit and gives the input to the system to move the arms of the robot and give it the instructions. It is almost like the surgeon himself is performing the surgery but with robotic hands instead of his real hands to increase precision and ease the process.

What are the benefits of this surgery?

Once someone opts for the Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon option, they can get many benefits out of this version of the surgery. As compared to the normal surgery, the robotic prostatectomy is a superior method of reducing the surgery-related risks while producing better results in a faster way. Some of the benefits of this surgery are:

  • There are fewer risks and complications in the robotic procedure as compared to the traditional method. This includes a risk of infection, side effects related to radiation and chemotherapy, and more.
  • You will not feel that much pain in this type of surgery.
  • With the help of the robotic tools, the blood loss would be minimal.
  • There is a quick period of recovery when you choose a robotic surgery over a normal one.
  • Since the incision that is made by the robot is smaller than the normal one, there are fewer chances of getting a scar in the area.
  • This type of surgery is more precise and clean since the surgeon can get a clear 3D view of everything while sitting comfortably in front of the control unit.

Is it safe to get robotic surgery?

It is safe to get a Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon. In fact, in most cases, this surgery is safer than a normal one. Even when it feels like the robot is operating on the person, that is not exactly the case. The entire operation still depends on the skills of the surgeon and whether or not he is competent enough. The surgeon is the one who gives the input at the control unit and he is performing the surgery there which gives the instructions and lets the robot know exactly what to do. This means, that even though it is robotic surgery, it is still completely safe as the surgeon is the one operating on you through a device.

This device only ensures more precision and clear work while making the surgeon comfortable to give a better result. It is like an add on to improve the procedure and there are no safety risks linked to the robotic surgery.

If you wish to get the best results of your prostatectomy, then you should choose to get a robotic prostatectomy over a normal one now!