Acupuncture has a long history of successfully treating people for various health conditions. Here is a list of conditions that it has been shown to cure in the past. Could acupuncture help you manage pain? Read on to find out.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that they used for several conditions. Passed down through thousands of generations, this eastern medical practice made waves in the west when it became popular here back in the early 2000s. Nowadays, a trip to the acupuncturist is both a relaxing treat and an essential tool for pain management for copious amounts of westerners. The treatment can even cure certain conditions. This article reflects on those conditions and on some of the other benefits of acupuncture in daily life.

A Brief History of Acupuncture

To summarise acupuncture as briefly as possible, we shall attempt to squeeze its five thousand-year histories into one paragraph. Historians believe acupuncture first saw practice around 3000BC. The first recorded use that we know of for certain is in a medical textbook. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine was written in 100BC.

Modern medicine so approves the use of acupuncture that an estimated 10 million Americans seek treatment annually. Acupuncture treats everything from headaches to CNS conditions. The practice involves the placing of fine needles into the human body at specific points. Each point corresponds with a muscle group, and by manipulating the needle, practitioners treat pain, inflammation, and tension.

The Conditions You Can Cure Using Acupuncture

Now that we know what acupuncture is and where it came from let’s cover the list of conditions it can treat. According to acupuncture experts in San Luis Obispo, you can use acupuncture to treat the following conditions.


Headaches and Migraines

Chinese people have used acupuncture to cure headaches and recurring migraines for thousands of years. By placing needles in the correct points of the neck, head, and face, the practitioner can eliminate the tightness and, therefore, the tension that makes the migraine worse.

Back Pain

Back pain, spine issues, and other muscular conditions are all perfect for acupuncture treatments. That release of muscle tension can help to undo countless conditions caused by tension. This includes muscle spasms, leg pain, repetitive strain injuries, strains and sprains, sports injuries, and many more disorders.


According to John Hopkins Medicine, you can use acupuncture to successfully treat sciatica. This painful condition affects the lower back and the upper leg but can stretch out to make the whole body hurt. Acupuncture can help mediate the pain.

Mental Health Conditions

Since acupuncture bases itself on the relaxation of the muscle groups, it can be an effective treatment for some mental health conditions. That soothing nature can lower anxiety and promote self-care.

Menstrual Pains

Acupuncture can ease the cramps caused by muscle tension during your period. Seeking treatment when the pain threatens can lead to a more comfortable week to ten days.

If you have muscular pain or a mental health condition, or even if you manage long-term pain, acupuncture could be the treatment that works for you.