If you plan to get pregnant or are already pregnant, you need the guidance and support of a board-certified OB/GYN physician. Dr. Gomes and his team at Women’s Health of Garden City offer comprehensive prenatal care Garden City to ensure you and your baby are healthy.

What you should know about prenatal care

Prenatal care involves examining, diagnosing, and treating women with high and low-risk pregnancies and their unborn babies. Adhering to your routine prenatal visits at Women’s Healthcare of Garden City is the best way to ensure the health of your baby and lower your risk of complications. Prenatal visits help your provider to monitor your baby’s development and identify abnormalities that may cause future pregnancy complications. Prenatal care ideally begins after you decide to try getting pregnant. During this period, your doctor may suggest quitting smoking and taking alcohol, avoiding contact with toxic chemicals, and taking folic acid supplements.

Happy couple smiling after find out positive pregnancy test in bedroom

Benefits of prenatal care

Most people desire to get pregnant at one point in their lives, and once you conceive, you want to ensure that the fetus is healthy and you have a successful delivery. Prenatal care helps you preserve your joy and hope for a bouncing healthy baby. Prenatal care at  Women’s Healthcare of Garden City involves lowering the risk of complications, managing chronic diseases that may impact the pregnancy, early detection and treatment of diseases and their related complications, exceptional personalized care, and cutting-edge technology and treatments. The team offers a friendly and welcoming environment for expecting moms to share their joy and concerns without judgment. The practice also allows you to consult Dr. Gomes outside the office whenever you have questions or concerns.

What prenatal care involves

During your appointment at the facility, Dr. Gomes performs a pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. He may conduct a traditional or transvaginal ultrasound to evaluate your baby and determine how far along you are. He may also assess the heartbeat of the fetus. Your doctor may recommend taking blood tests, urine tests, and other diagnostic tests to help detect and rule out possible pregnancy issues. They also calculate your due date and address any concerns about you and your baby’s health and how to adjust your lifestyle to have a successful delivery. Dr. Gomes and his team provide one-on-one care for each patient. They encourage you to communicate regularly and allow you to call 24/7 in case of any issues or questions. Dr. Gomes aims at making his patients feel supported and appreciated as they journey through their pregnancy. He understands that a comprehensive approach is necessary to ensure his patients feel welcome and that their opinion matters. He accomplishes all this by preparing you for birth and teaching you basic skills for caring for your baby after delivery.

The team may schedule frequent visits and offer special care if your pregnancy is high-risk due to medical conditions or age. If you are looking to expand your family, you should start attending prenatal care visits to prepare your womb and ensure successful delivery. Call Dr. Gomes or schedule an appointment online today.