Our body usually has the innate intelligence within that drives the body towards fulfilling its needs to create harmony. When our body feels ill, it’s an indicator that our bodies are trying to warn us about the issues it’s facing, hoping that we will take notice of the issue and begin to take control of the body, and create some changes. 

Often, we as humans try to push away the inner voice that makes us aware of the cry of our bodies and we ignore the signs that keep warning us. As a result of which, our minds get disturbed, and we are conditioned to begin thinking negatively, which restricts the energy flowing freely within the body. This can further cause more complications in the body. Thus, causing issues with one’s body alignment. Usually, body alignment issues are associated with stress, anxiety and other issues to do with the emotional, spiritual, and mental well being of the person—further leading to unhappiness and disease filled life. 

This negative energy stored within the body are suppressed emotional expressions that need to be released from the body, that is where kinesiology comes in. Using kinesiology, bodily balance can be maintained. When the body is well in balance again, it works wonders with the self-healing process that leads to the mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of the person. 

How then is body alignment done? 

While trying to restore the imbalance in bodies, kinesiology practitioners with the use of their hands transmit energy rather than using other measures to adjust or manipulate the issue through invasive techniques. In this case, the practitioner acts as a channel through whom the healing process is made available to those in need. 

kinesiology doctor

When this technique is performed, it is not intended to diagnose or treat the issue, and neither does it claim to bring about any healing. It is rather performed as an act of removing the blockages that obstruct the process of one’s body from self-healing. It is merely a channel through which vibrational frequencies are passed in order to remove the obstructions and thresholds that ultimately facilitates the body’s innate intelligence to heal the body. This is one of the greatest benefits of kinesiology

In this process of removing the blockages that obstruct the process of self-healing in the body, through the practitioners’ vibrational energy, past memories are accessed. Then the emotionally suppressed hurtful memories are made a note of, and the real matter is addressed. This shift in energy can help with the healing process within the body. 

What are some of the conditions that can be healed from the process of balanced body alignment? 

  • It heals with issues pertaining to structural conditions and pain
  • It can also assist with the help of neurological conditions 
  • It can also assist with the problems such as; hormonal imbalances, infections triggered by anxiety, chronic fatigue, and other forms of allergic issues as well as immunity issues. 
  • All emotional issues like depression, grief, and many more can be adjusted with the use of kinesiology. 

This just goes to show that there is a huge correlation between body alignment and life alignment. The key is to remember that none of the emotional stresses that one incurs should be suppressed at any level. All of those issues should be pinpointed and addressed as soon as they are noted. Right after these issues are figured out, unless it is addressed, they will form a blockage that could in the later stage become a hassle that affects one’s immunity and other bodily functions. Instead of always looking to stuff our bodies with medications that could further alter the state of the body, why not try kinesiology? Kinesiology works towards finding the reason behind these issues and removing those blockages permanently.