It is no secret that men have a preferred hairstyle they look for when it comes to the woman of their dreams. So, if you are a lady, when it comes to taking care of your hair, you better do your best, or else your Mr. Right might ignore you. Though, even if you have any kind of hair loss problem, you can get the best treatment from Fortes Clinic for all hair problems.

Sometimes, people can be too busy or preoccupied, which makes them forget about taking care of themselves, especially with what is happening now. Some parts of the world are still experiencing strict quarantine protocols due to their increasing number of infected people.

Governments are then forced to implement quarantine lockdowns to flatten the curve of their infection rate. If you are one of the people living in such a place, you are most likely always in your home, only allowed to come out if you have something important to do like buying groceries or medicine.

But being stuck in your home can let you forget about how you look. Why? When you are only allowed to go out when it is important, you will not bother that much about how you look. Why would you do it? You are always stuck at home. Plus staying at home can be very boring.

There isn’t that much you can do, and most likely, you are just going to watch TV or lie around your bed all day while you are looking at your phone, tablet, Ipad, or laptop. But even so, you should not take that as an excuse for you not to care for yourself, especially when it comes to your hair.

You might be thinking that hair loss is just a problem that men experience, but it can also affect women, at least a third of them, that is. So, if you are one of these women who are experiencing hair loss, you should always choose the best hair loss treatment for females.


You may not go bald, but it is not a very pleasant experience when you comb hair, and a lot of hair falls. Plus, it is not hygienic.

You can be cooking food when your hair might fall without warning. It might be okay if you are just the one eating, but when you have friends and family coming over to eat, that won’t be a pleasant experience. So, with that in mind, what is the most effective hair loss treatment?

Latest hair loss treatment to date (Drugs)

Today, almost everyone knows that they can buy a shampoo with minoxidil as one of its ingredients. Originally Rogaine, Minoxidil helps both men and women in fighting off androgenic alopecia.

Both men and women experience androgenic alopecia, with men getting the worst effect. Almost all men experience the dreaded M-shaped hairline and hair thinning on the top of their head called male pattern baldness.

hair loss

This is because it is a by-product of testosterone called DHT or dihydrotestosterone. Women also experience it as they age but with only their hair getting thinner. Although promising, scientists are still unable to understand how minoxidil works and are still arguing how effective it is.

But still, scientists say about two-thirds of men can get acceptable growth in their hair. It may not be as effective when you are already bald, but it will help you are just starting to become bald. If it is that effective to men, then the more it is likely for women, too, since their hair loss severity is not as great as that of men.

How about surgery?

Another way to combat hair loss would be transplanting the hair follicles on the side and back of your head and putting them on your top. Today, hair grafts are called follicular unit hair transplants, where one to four hairs are transplanted closely together.

Hair Transplant

Another surgery technique that is favored is called scalp reduction. A balding scalp is cut out, and the remaining skin is then sutured together again, which then reduces the bald area.

Doing these will then reduce the area that needs to have a transplant, so both surgeries can go well together to have a more effective hair loss treatment.

The cost of hair surgery is one factor for everyone who is considering this option. Like any other surgical procedure, this one can get expensive.  You may visit Medihair´s overview of hair transplantation prices in Istanbul to get some idea of how much this method costs abroad.

What to expect in the future?

The best way to treat hair loss would be getting follicles that have shut down already to regenerate. This is what scientists are working on right now with the use of stem cells. Other scientists are thinking of growing hair follicles in labs to have more hair when performing hair transplants.

Men might have it worse when it comes to hair loss, but it does not mean that you should not care about your hair, too, just because you are a woman. That is why you should always choose the best hair loss treatment for females. Your hair is one of your biggest assets, so it should always have the best treatment available.