A mommy makeover is a combination of surgeries that helps you restore your pre-pregnancy body. Mommy Makeover Portland will include procedures like a breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, and body contouring. After a thorough examination, your plastic surgeon will discuss the procedures that you will undergo.

The following are common procedures in your mommy makeover package.

Breast lift

Your breasts will undergo a significant change during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period. They might sag and lose volume after breastfeeding. When you undergo a mommy makeover, your specialist will ask about your desired expectations.

While a breast lift can work for you, other women might need breast augmentation like implants or fat grafting to increase the breast’s volume. Your surgeon will remove excess skin, lift, and reposition your new breast before stitching you up.

Tummy tuck

Since your abdomen undergoes many changes, especially stretching your muscles and skin, your plastic surgeon will pay close attention to it. As your pregnancy progresses, it might push on your abdominal muscles, leading to diastasis recti which might require your surgeon’s intervention.

Also referred to as abdominoplasty, the procedure entails the removal of excess skin and fat and the repositioning of abdominal muscles to create a tight, flat, and toned look.

Body contouring

You can benefit from body contouring if you have loose, saggy skin on your arms and thighs. Body contouring will help remove and tighten loose skin left behind by rapid weight gain during pregnancy or weight loss after childbirth.

Your plastic surgeon will employ minimally invasive techniques to reduce scarring while giving you the best treatment.



Diet and exercise can help you minimize body fat, but sometimes you can have stubborn fat that does not budge. That is where liposuction comes in handy. The procedure involves removing excess fat from your stomach, arms, thighs, and buttocks to give you an overall toned appearance.

Your plastic surgeon will use suction to remove the excess fat. While the procedure can give you desirable results, it is up to you to maintain the outcome through a balanced diet and a regular exercise regimen.


Before you undergo a mommy makeover procedure, ensure you factor in time for recovery. On average, you can recover for two to four weeks, but everyone is different. You might take more or less time to recover than other patients. Get some time off work to ensure you have ample time for recovery.

Risks and complications

While the complications of a mommy makeover are rare, they can include the following:

  • Bleeding (hematoma)
  • Accumulation of fluid (seroma)
  • Blood clots
  • Poor wound healing
  • Infection

To minimize your risks and complications concerning the procedure, choose a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon. Talk to your friends and family and ask for a referral from your primary healthcare provider.

If you are struggling to regain your pre-baby body through diet and exercise, visit PNW Plastic Surgery for a mommy makeover transformation. You will meet qualified, experienced, and compassionate staff ready to offer you a personalized change according to your needs. Call or schedule an appointment online today.