Oral health is of the utmost importance to everyone in the family, and regular visits to the dentist help them to find any signs of cavities or tooth damage. Fast dental repairs prevent tooth loss, keep teeth aesthetically pleasing, and decrease the risk of periodontal disease. If the clients have a cavity, they need to visit their dentist to get fillings to close the cavity and protect their teeth.

Fillings Are Effective Ways to Eliminate Cavities

Dental professionals like this cosmetic dentist in Virginia Beach advise patients to get fillings at the onset of a cavity. If the person doesn’t get a filling and waits too long the decay spreads throughout the tooth and could spread to the surrounding teeth. Cavities cause holes in the tooth enamel and might spread through the dentin. Set up an appointment with a dentist to find out more about getting a filling.

You Won’t Feel Any of the Dental Work

Clients won’t experience any pain or discomfort during their dental visit, and the dentist applies a numbing agent onto the affected area and inject novocaine to numb the entire area. Any patients who have anxiety about visiting the dentist can undergo sedation dentistry services. Dentists will provide nitrous oxide to let the person relax and sleep during the procedure. A person with anxiety won’t feel uncomfortable or become fearful at any time once the nitrous oxide takes effect.

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There Are Different Filling Colors and Materials

Typically, dental professionals use composite resin or porcelain when creating fillings for teeth that are in the front of the mouth or more visible. For many years, dentists have used silver amalgam for the back teeth when injecting fillings into cavities.

Clients have many options when choosing the color or material for their fillings. Additional choices are gold and glass ionomer. Most dental plans cover traditional materials, including resin, porcelain, and silver amalgam, but patients can accept out-of-pocket costs to get the materials they prefer.

How Are Fillings Applied?

First, the dentist drills away all decay out of the cavity and cleans it. Next, they inject the filling materials into the cavity and reshape it to look more natural. They apply an ultraviolet lamp to cure and harden the materials. Once the materials harden, the filling will last many years.


What Dental Products Are Best For Fillings?

Dental professionals recommend toothpastes and mouthwashes that are safe for fillings. Products designed for sensitive teeth can prevent discomfort and won’t damage the fillings. Patients are advised to limit treatments such as teeth whitening that could break down the filling materials over time and especially if they undergo more frequent treatments. Dentists can answer questions about getting cosmetic treatments that could damage teeth fillings or decrease their longevity.

Fillings are simple dental services that have a huge impact on a person’s oral health. At the onset of a cavity, dental professionals can come to their rescue and close up the cavity before it causes permanent damage. Dentists provide several filling materials that protect the tooth and prevent a new cavity from forming, and these professionals offer after-care instructions for maintaining the fillings and preventing new damage. Decay can spread throughout the tooth until it reaches the root, and a fast visit to the dentist restores the tooth and stops tooth loss risks. Talk to a dental professional if you are experiencing tooth pain or have a visible cavity.