This Dentist in Charlotte is Dr. Shirman. And you’d better believe it that he’s nothing but one of the top dental care experts in Charlotte.

Working from the well-equipped Dentist Wellness of Charlotte facility, Dr. Shirman sorts all kinds of dental worries. Regardless of your dental history or the previous handler, you can rest assured that with Shirman, you’re only getting top-grade services.

Now you’re thinking: this could all be hogwash. How can you trust a stranger with something as dear as your oral health?


Well, let this piece show you why Dr. Shirman stands out amidst dentists in Charlotte.

What Makes Dr. Shirman A Right Fit For Your Dental Wellness?


Dr. Shirman has resolved hundreds of dental cases. Regardless of the age group, he has the expertise to attend to general dentistry worries and even cosmetic dentistry.

So, how does all that help you?

For a start, you can rest assured that this dentist in Charlotte has honed his manual dexterity skills. The mouth is such a small opening that even when you opened it to your jaw-extent, the working space remains inadequate.

For that reason, you need someone who can maneuver his tools to tend to your needs without injuring your delicate mouth lining. Not only that, you need someone with stamina. Some dental procedures can take up hours.

Fortunately, Dr. Shirman meets such requirements.

Lastly, because of Shirman’s years of experience, he knows how to break down the technical jargon in a way that makes sense to you. With him, you’ll have a clear walk-through for your check-ups and preventive care schedules.


Dentistry is indeed a practical endeavor. Even at that, you need to see certification to rest your mind.

Or with no standard certification, how can you be sure that a caregiver is a pro? How can you rest easy knowing that there is no insurance in case of faults?

In essence, credibility as evidence of education and training is critical. It is a good thing that Dr. Shirman also meets this requirement.

Once you enter his Dental Wellness of Charlotte facility, you will see the stacks of license and certification on his walls. How can you not be impressed?

That aside, Shirman still has recommendations from peers. That’s a testament to his expertise.

Perhaps that’s going too far. Dr. Shirman has several reviews from patients who were wow-ed by his methods and the accompanying effectiveness.


Of all dental facilities in Charlotte, Dr. Shirman’s stand out for its beauty and technology. As regards beauty, the facility has a simple yet classy design.

The spacing is top-notch, and the interiors are comfortable.

For technology, all the aids in Dental Wellness of Charlotte are modern and state of the art. Regardless of the situation, be it OSA (Obtrusive Sleep Apnea), pandemic, or bloodborne pathogens, you can rest assured that you’ll be in a 100% safe facility.

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Also, the equipment means less stress for you and overall efficiency in your dental care. How so?

Take Dr. Shirman’s Invisalign® as an example. It is an improved teeth straightener over braces. With it, you don’t suffer the complexes and risk of brackets or wires.

In essence, getting dental care at Dr. Shirman’s is an assured step towards perfect oral health. Schedule a visit and see!