It’s not news to anyone that looking good helps us feel good. How we care for our bodies through personal hygiene and fashion directly impacts how we relate to the world. Cue the art of cosmetology. When people think about cosmetology, they usually think, beauty. While cosmetology is focused on beautifying the body, this work goes deeper than just “treating yourself.” A cosmetologist is a vital conduit for wellness in society. While many professions are struggling in today’s market, the demand for cosmetologists is growing. Why?

Cosmetologists are a hybrid of professional beauty experts, body artists, and clinicians who are as important to society as bodies are humans.

From a foundational to recreational level, cosmetologists help clean, maintain, and transform us into better, more authentic versions of ourselves.

Having a cosmetologist around may be the best thing you can do for yourself.

What Is Cosmetology, Exactly?

The word cosmetology breaks down into two parts: kosmos, meaning “order,” and ology, meaning “branch of study.” From this definition, the evolution of cosmetology makes perfect sense.

The nature of cosmetology is foundational; it organizes the hair, skin, nails and the face through various grooming techniques. A cosmetologist is the cosmic element; someone who brings education, style and lasting purpose to your treatment.

Remember that beauty is a business. Though it’s often perceived as recreational, it’s also an operation. Cosmetology is the fusion between beautification and basic care for our physiology.

A cosmetologist is an embodiment of the beauty industry. They help the client assess whether beauty or physiology informs their treatment that day. Soon before long, clients realize that tending to their basic physiology is the beauty.

If you’ve received any of the following treatments, you’ve been exposed to cosmetology:

• Getting your hair colored, shampooed, cut or conditioned
• Skincare treatments: facials, chemical peels, anti-aging techniques
• Professional make-up
• Professional hair styling
• Hair removal and waxing
• Manicures or pedicures
• Eyelash treatments

A cosmetologist will meet you where you are. Whether you need a quiet, self-care day or a hands-on consultation, they’re your person.

Is Cosmetology Calling?

If you’ve lived a life making or following YouTube makeup tutorials, or are the go-to friend for fashion and skincare advice, you may want to consider becoming a cosmetologist.

If you’ve ever had a reaction to a trend and thought to yourself, I could do that, likely cosmetology is calling.

If you think cosmetology is too good to be true, you’re not the first. Consider it a profession for those who never thought their natural talents and hobbies could become their career.

Why Choose Cosmetology?

If you’re considering a cosmetology career, it offers great job security. Read on to learn why.

The Self-Care Movement Is Booming

More people are moving towards an embodied lifestyle. Whether society speeds up or slows down, body treatments remain a way to decompress.

The Job Market Upswing

After a prediction claimed that jobs in cosmetology would increase 13% between 2012 and 2022, compared to 11% for all other occupations, it’s clear that this business is on the up-and-up.

The cosmetology job outlook is certainly looking good.

There’s Room To Grow

It’s up to you and your aspirations.

Do you dream of having your own salon? Do you want to be a cosmetology coach for others? Do you want your own cosmetology school? You could even be a representative of a cosmetology product line.

These Are Timeless Skills

Becoming a cosmetologist is like becoming an expert in your own physiology. So long as you have a body, you’ll need these skills. Not only does it help you help others look and feel their best, but it’s an empowering way to learn how to care for yourself.

Whether you decide to be an esthetician who focuses on skin-care, a barber for hair, or a manicurist/nail technician, the door is wide open for you to walk through.

Cosmetologists Are Always In The Know

Because cosmetology is creative and functional, it brings society’s latest beauty trends and products straight to you. Just as certain hairstyles come and go throughout the decades (remember when ómbre was a thing?), becoming a cosmetologist keeps you in the loop, all the time.


Think about Botox’s impact on the beauty industry and the healing it has brought to society. Thank you, cosmetologists!

It’s clear that cosmetology is part of a greater mission.

It’s Fun!

There is never a dull moment in the beauty business. Cosmetology allows you to connect with people on personal levels. You’re helping someone unveil a deeper, truer self which can impact their whole identity.

How To Become A Cosmetologist

Like any industry expert, becoming a cosmetologist requires proper education and licensure before landing your dream job. Depending on your state, there may be specific hour requirements, minimal education prerequisites, continuing education protocol, and license renewal processes.

You can find your state’s cosmetology requirements here.

A cosmetology education can help you understand how to organize your own cosmic talent! Soon, you’ll be making your own ripples in the cosmetology stratosphere.

The Beauty Biz

If you’ve ever received a cosmetology treatment, you know that having a quality experience depends on the treatment as much as it does the cosmetologist. To cosmetologists, you know you are the secret sauce for your clients.

A cosmetologist wears many hats. Their impact can be like that of a friend, a mentor or coach, a consultant or educator. Whatever you’re needing, they can be.

Nothing feels quite as good as booking an appointment with someone who has studied the art of making you feel better; of making you feel beautiful.

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