The basement of the house has a lot to offer besides just being used as a storage space. Be it turning it into a game room, children’s indoor play area, a new ensuite bedroom or guest room, or a gym and TV room, the possibilities are limitless. Here are four ways in which you can remodel your basement so that it adds to the overall value and functionality of your home.

Create an Ensuite Bedroom

One of the best uses of a basement remodel is to use the extra space to create a fully-furnished bedroom with its own bathroom (outside the room, if ensuite isn’t an option). The ensuite bedroom can then be used as an independent living area that can be rented out or used to house your growing teen kids or aging parents. An extra bathroom will also significantly improve the value of your house should you choose to sell it at a later date. When you decide to dig up your basement for an extra bathroom, make sure you consult a reputed plumbing St Louis MO service that can unearth potential issues such as cracks in the foundation or moisture. A professional plumbing service will ensure your basement is remodeled in a well-planned way.

Add a Light Well

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Make the most of all the possible natural light and fresh air you can get access to. One way to do this is to install a light well on the patio, deck, yard, or ground-level windows near the basement. The insides of the light well can be glazed or coated with reflective surfaces to maximize the incoming natural light near the basement. You can also look at digging up a portion of your yard so part of it is level with the basement. This can be an expensive alternative, but it will mean far more light and fresh air in the room.

Leverage Mirrors and Pale Color

CHAPLINS Nimbus Mirrors Gravel Rug Androgyne Lounge Table by Menu
CHAPLINS Nimbus Mirrors Gravel Rug Androgyne Lounge Table by Menu

One way to add light and a feeling of space is to use a number of reflective surfaces such as mirrors on the wall. Mirrors are popularly used to create an illusion of space in smaller or cramped areas. Another way is to use paler colors for the walls. Paler colors make the room look larger than it is, and you can use the understated colors to hang strategically placedcolorful art.

Play Up the Ambiance

Basements don’t have to be depressing! You can transform your basement into an alternate sitting room or entertaining area by adding some comfy furniture and a basement room. But ensure that there’s a fire exit and good ventilation if you’re installing a bar. If your budget permits, you can also look into a home theater system. You can then turn the basement into your family’s video or gaming room and hangout space.

Your basement can offer your family and you the chance to spend time together in a relaxed way. It can also be used as an extra bedroom. Remodeling your basement and transforming it into an immensely functional living space will also add a lot of value to your house if you choose to sell it at a later date.