6 Backyard Improvements That Make a Huge Impact

Every homeowner would like to have a lovely garden, but most people emphasize interior home design over backyard renovations. Regardless of the size of your yard, you can always transform the space into an oasis of beauty. Here are the backyard improvements that add the most value to your area.


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Invest in Proper Outdoor Lighting

A functional and elegant backyard space demands versatility. You might want to enjoy your space even when night falls. Outdoor lighting helps create a magical ambiance in the yard and illuminates your hangout zones while deterring burglars and intruders.

You can use Low Voltage Lighting to highlight specific architectural and landscaping elements, like the planters around the patio. Consider stringing twinkling bistro lights to bring about a fairytale-like atmosphere. You can also create a stunning display around a lounge area or dining table by hanging a collection of wispy paper lanterns.


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Introduce an Outdoor Fire Pit

Add a bit of fun and warmth to the backyard space with a firepit. You can opt for a fire pit that uses natural wood or propane, which is an easily manageable and cleaner-burning alternative. Think about incorporating hardscaping elements around the fire pit to seclude the space from the rest of the yard and make it more inviting.

fire pit

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Set Up a Privacy Fence

While you would like to spend hours outside relaxing, you would want to avoid neighbors and passersby getting a front-row view. A privacy fence can include an additional layer of security to your space, giving you peace of mind. To maintain the aesthetics and natural beauty of the space, Savvy landscapers use climbing plants to keep the entire backyard natural and private.


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Add Shade With a Pergola or Extended Roof

If your yard receives excessive sunlight or other natural elements, it may limit your time outdoors. Creating a shade can allow you to enjoy longer times in your backyard while adding to the yard’s visual appeal. While umbrellas can do the job, getting a more permanent solution will work better. You can build a pergola or extend the roof area for added comfort.


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Incorporate Utility into the Space With an Outdoor Kitchen

Depending on your budget, you can opt for a simple outdoor kitchen layout that only has an essential preparation area and a grill. You may also choose luxury and replicate your indoor kitchen, including the refrigerator and sink. Ensure the outdoor kitchen is functional and elegant at the same time, with a sheltered spot for preparing, cooking, and dining. It should be well-equipped and have a design that provides natural ventilation for maximum comfort in hot weather.


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Bring in a Landscaping Water Feature

Flowing water not only soothes the soul and attracts wildlife but also improves air quality and your home’s curb appeal and value. Water features add charm and visual interest to a backyard space and help create a peaceful ambiance. You can invest in a miniature brook, fountain, koi pond, waterfall, and bird bath. If your budget and space allow, invest in a swimming pool.


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Every backyard feature you include in your outdoor space elevates it from one level to another. Set a budget, see what you can prioritize, and keep adding features as time passes. Nonetheless, emphasize simplicity and avoid too many additions that can make the space appear overcrowded and unappealing to the eye.