Gone are the days where your sink choices were limited to metal or porcelain. Today, homeowners can purchase the types of sinks that reflect the design of modern kitchens.

Are you in the market for a new sink and wondering about your choices? If your answer is yes, continue reading to discover nine of the most popular types of sinks sold on the market.

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1. Kitchen Island Sinks

What’s a kitchen island without a sink?

As kitchen islands continue to increase in popularity, so do the sinks installed in them. People use these types of sinks for a variety of uses, including prepping, handwashing, and as their main kitchen sink.

These types of sinks are a terrific way to save kitchen counter space and enable more people to work more freely in the kitchen. They look attractive with many kitchen islands, including granite, stainless, steel, and wood.

Kitchen island sinks offer a wide array of options as you can see. Some even come with kitchen island sink drainboards.

This makes them environmentally friendly and also practical. But first, check with your plumber to learn the price of installation before you make your purchase. Especially if you’re on a budget.

2. Farmhouse-style (Apron) Sinks

Also called an apron sink, a farmhouse style sink, like this option here, fits beyond the edge of countertops.

These types of kitchen sinks are one of the hottest trends in kitchen interior design with the comeback of the rustic farmhouse look so many homeowners crave. Many people buy kitchen and dining tables and home decor to match.

Farmhouse sinks are constructed from cast iron or fireclay. They’re simple to clean and durable because they’re made from nonporous materials. You can buy these types of kitchen sinks in either a single or double bowl.

3. Stainless Steel Sinks

Although not the newest types of sinks, stainless steel sinks are still one of the favorites due to their light and simple construction. They also coordinate well with stainless steel appliances so many stylish homeowners feature in their kitchens.

Their quality depends on the thickness of their sheeting, also known as a gauge. Thinner gauge sinks cost more.  On the other hand, heavier sheeting gauge costs less. On the downside, they can be noisy compared to other kitchen sink types.


If you own one, you’re sure to hear the sound of pots and pans clanging along their surface. Stainless steel sinks are prone to denting, however, they’re highly resistant to stains and the to heat.

4. Cast Iron Sinks

Cast iron sinks coordinate well with country-inspired and vintage interior design styles. They also coordinate well with farmhouse-style decor. These types of sinks contain a porcelain coating sprayed on their surface.

Like farmhouse sinks, they’re durable and heavy. However, their porcelain coating can chip. Abrasive cleaners should not be used on them. It removes the enamel coating on the sink.

Be careful when washing dishes in the sink. Since the tough cast-iron surface can break or chip your glasses and dishes.

5. Granite Composite Sinks

Constructed by gluing a resin filler with smashed granite, granite composite sinks are highly durable. They’re also highly resistant to stains.

These stylish sinks weigh a lot. If you have your mind set on getting one, make sure to speak with your contractor about adding something to support the additional weight.

6. Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks are installed directly under the counter and provide a stylish solution to contemporary kitchens. They’re versatile and complement many kitchen designs. They’re also simple to clean.

Just push the food and dirt straight down the sink. It will never get stuck on the sink’s rim or lip. What people love most about these types of sinks: their seamless design from the sink to the countertop.

7. Corner Sinks

Looking to maximize your counter space and don’t have a kitchen island? These corner sinks make a good kitchen design choice. These best kitchen sinks styles installed in the corner contain two basins set in the corner and apart from one another.

They’re also a great solution for small kitchens with limited room. They can be challenging and more costly to install if your kitchen doesn’t currently have a corner kitchen sink. But many homeowners think they’re worth the money.

8. Fireclay Sinks

Similar to cast iron sinks, but more durable, fire clay sinks are constructed by fusing clay and glaze together. They’re created at extremely high temperatures: 1600 degrees Fahrenheit!

The great thing about them: there’s no enamel coating. So they won’t chip your dishware. These types of kitchen sinks withstand abrasive cleaners, unlike cast iron sinks. However, they cost more due to their detailed construction process.

9. Single Bowl Sinks

Do you have a small kitchen with limited counter space? Similar to a corner sink without the additional installation cost, a single bowl sink provides a great option to provide more room.

Single bowl sinks make it easier to clean large pots and pans in them. Just lay them on the bottom flat. You won’t have to concern yourself with debris, water, or food splashing and littering your countertop.

They’re a good sink choice for doing two jobs at once such as cooking food and cleaning up pots and pans simultaneously. They’re a great option for bachelors, singles, and people who live alone and have small kitchens.

Types of Kitchen Sinks: Have Your Pick

You’ve learned the pluses and minuses of nine types of kitchen sinks you can buy. From the country-style farmhouse, to cast iron, to modern under mount sinks and more, perhaps you’ve decided on a favorite.

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