Buying and installing curtains in your home might sound like a straightforward process, but it is not. People often make small mistakes while selecting the right curtain for their home that does not just comprise the look of their space but also affects their functionality and jeopardizes their privacy.

To ensure that it does not happen with you, we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make while selecting curtains. Here they are.

Mistake #1: Buying short curtains

Although it is essential to measure the length of the curtains before purchasing them, most people take a carefree attitude and buy curtains that are either too large or too short. Having short curtains is a faux pas.

According to the leading interior designers, the bottom end of your curtains should slightly brush the floor. And, if you are trying to achieve a luxe look, they should embrace the floor. Hence, based on the effect you want, measure the length and buy the right curtains.

One common mistake that people make while measuring the length of the curtains is measuring it from the wrong spot. Ideally, the measurement should be taken from the curtain brackets, not from the molding.

Mistake #2 Buying narrow curtains

Just like length, measuring the width of the curtains is also equally important. Before buying the curtains, measure the width of your window and buy curtains that are one and a half times the window’s width.

Furthermore, you can opt for a wider curtain to get a fuller look.

Mistake #3: Placing the curtain rod too low

If your curtain rod is fixed too close to the window molding, it is better to remove it and install the brackets above the window molding, closer to the ceiling.

Installing the curtain rods above and outside the window molding makes the room looks taller. Also, it is a great hack to make your space look richer.


Mistake #4: Not selecting washable fabrics

Curtains tend to get dirty quickly, and hence, require frequent washing and caring. Fabrics that can’t be washed require extra care, effort, and money, as they require dry cleaning.

Buy drapery fabrics that are easily washable in a washing machine. Use a lint roller to remove the accumulated dust in between washes to keep your curtains look clean and fresh.

Mistake #5: Buying the wrong curtain rods

If your curtain rod sags from the middle, it can ruin the entire look of your curtains. Moreover, weak rods can break and fall anytime.

Instead of using cheap curtain rods made of plastic, get wooden or metallic rods that are sturdy and look classy.

Mistake #6: Overlooking their functionality

You might like light and breezy sheer curtains in your room, but they will easily allow your neighbors to peep into your private space. You might want to have thick velvet curtains, but they will not allow sunlight into your room. Hence, considering the functionality of your curtains is as essential as considering the aesthetics. If you need curtains for your porch, you can consider Clear Roll Up Curtains.

To get the best of both worlds, use double curtains. Use a thicker fabric like velvet or silk for privacy and layer it with a lighter fabric like sheer.

The bottom line

To make your curtains look stylish and classy, having a fine drapery fabric is not enough. You need to have the right curtain rods and brackets, ensure correct bracket placement, and then hang your curtains the right way.

So, steer clear from making these common mistakes that most people make while buying and installing curtains in your home.