It is rare to find a homeowner who doesn’t take pride in their front lawn.

It is a marker of peaceful mornings and good times. The good times are here to stay, but sometimes yard pests think they’re invited, too.

If you have to call pest control, you’re taking a preventative step toward keeping your family and furry friends safe. And while tiny pests don’t seem that threatening, it’s important to be aware of safety precautions.

Crawling Critters

Moles are one of the smaller pests you’ll run into in your yard.

If you’ve never seen one, picture a rodent related to mice and rats. They have long claws, awful vision, and a taste for digging.

Moles are burrowing animals. So if your ornamental plants are the crown jewel of your yard, you can say goodbye to them if moles come to visit.

Even though they present as elusive and harmless, they can do serious damage to your yard. Moles can burrow up to 160 feet per night. Moles put new sod, rooting fruit trees and other plant species around your home at risk.

Biology Bites

Our dog and cat companions love to roam free around our property. They are, after all, herding the pack.

So, do moles carry diseases? The short answer is yes. In the same ways we want to protect our family and friends, our pets are also at risk of disease and illness from pests like moles.

If your pest control service offers you some maintenance solutions, practice them. Especially if you haven’t been schooled on how to protect your pets from poisonous traps and baits.

Even though moles are common pests, being educated by professionals is the best route for a pest-free future.

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Get Rid of a Mole

In addition to making a moles environment an unpleasant experience, there are a few DIY solutions that you can utilize.

Along with traps, you can eliminate a mole’s food source. Moles love insects like grubs and small beetles. Adding a control like nematodes can support keeping grubs and worms at bay.

Mole repellants and trenches can offer similar solutions. Removing the mole’s resources leaves it confused and in search of an easier landscape to work with.

Overall, mole traps are one of the best methods to rid your yard of this pest. Your pest control service will offer you advice on preventative practices in mole trapping to prevent an infestation in the future.

When you compile your resources, you’ll find yourself with an armory of mole fighting equipment.

Call Pest Control us

We can adjust the ecosystems we choose to engage with around our homes.

While alligators and snakes are a vital part of the ecosystem, it doesn’t mean that having them in your backyard is a good call. It’s time to call pest control.

You work hard to create an environment that you enjoy. Part of that enjoyment means living worry-free during family get-togethers and being able to let your dog roam free.

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