Did you know that a female flea can lay as many as 50 eggs a day on your pet? That’s 10,000 fleas in just one month.

Fleas can transmit parasites and diseases, which is why it’s crucial to get rid of fleas as soon as you realize your pet has them. What’s the best treatment, though?

Keep reading to learn all about the difference between Frontline vs. Advantix.

This Is How to Tell If You Have Fleas in Your House

Advantix vs. Frontline

Advantix and Frontline can both be used to rid dogs of pests like lice and fleas. Their ingredients and effectiveness are much different and which one you choose depends on a variety of factors.


Frontline contains Fipronil, which targets adult fleas and then disrupts their nervous systems. The product also has (S)-methoprene which targets the fleas’ eggs and larvae, so they don’t develop into adults.

Advantix contains Imidacloprid which targets both adult and larvae flea stages. It also contains Permethrin and Pyriproxyfen. Permethrin kills ticks and mosquitos and continues to repel them. Pyriproxyfen is an insect growth regulator, so it stops flea larvae and eggs from developing further.


Advantix is lethal to cats. If you’re trying to rid multiple pets of fleas and a cat is one of them, you’re better off going with Frontline.

Frontline is safe for pregnant women to apply, whereas Advantix is not. Likewise, children should be kept away from pets being treated with Advantix. It contains potent pesticides, that, if a child should touch a pet and then eat food, they could potentially ingest those toxic pesticides.

Frontline isn’t entirely safe for children either. While Frontline’s on your pup, children should be kept away for a couple of days. Both pet medications should be avoided for puppies younger than 8 weeks old, too.


How long does Frontline take to kill fleas? Fleas die within about 18 hours of applying Frontline and ticks die within about 48 hours. Plus, Frontline continues working for a month after application.

How long does Advantix take to kill fleas? Within about 12 hours of an Advantix treatment, fleas are dead. Advantix treats flea larvae too. It also repels sandflies and biting fleas.


The application of Advantix vs. Frontline is similar. Both products are water-resistant. However, it would help if you bathed your pet before applying and then several days afterward.

Once the several days have passed, they’re clear for swimming, baths, and rainy weather.

Frontline comes in pre-measured ampoules. All you have to do is snap one open, part the fur between your dog’s shoulder blades, and squeeze the product onto their skin.

Advantix comes in single-dose pipettes and should be applied the same way in the same spot.

Frontline vs. Advantix

When it comes to comparing Frontline vs. Advantix, both products are effective at killing fleas and other pests. Which one you choose depends on whether you have small children and if you are pregnant.

Both products are easy to apply and effective, but the main difference is that Advantix uses stronger pesticides and continues to repel fleas for longer.

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