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Lush green, low maintenance, and the perfect pitch for garden games, artificial lawns are sweeping the nation. If you’re about to swap your real lawn for artificial grass or already have fake grass in your garden but aren’t sure of how to prep it for the summer months ahead, there are a few things you can do to improve the artificial grass lawn’s longevity. From easy monthly maintenance to giving it a thorough deep clean – it really is a simple process. Here are a few pointers from VonHaus to deep clean your artificial lawn to restore its lustre, along with some top tips on maintenance.

Clean Artificial Grass

#1 Clear Your Working Area

Before you start, clear the space of any obstacles – think kids’ toys, footballs, garden furniturewater features – essentially anything that’ll get in the way.

#2 Use a Hose or Pressure Washer to Clean the Grass

Now the area’s clear, give your fake lawn a good hose to eradicate dirt or spills from your last barbie or party. If you’re cleaning it for the first time after winter, it’s a good idea to give it a quick blast to freshen it up.

If the artificial lawn is soiled, grab a pressure washer, activate its lowest setting and, from a distance (preventing damage to the grass fibres), blast away the stains.

#3 Get Rid of Odours

You might notice some not so pleasant smells emanating from your artificial lawn – this is usually down to pet urine leaving residue on the surface.

But don’t worry, plenty of cleaning chemicals are designed for use on artificial grass. Just hop online or head down to your local garden shop – they’ll have what you need for banishing those pungent odours to get your grass back to normal.

Clean Artificial Grass

#4 Leave to Dry

After getting rid of the unpleasant smells, all you need to do next is leave the artificial grass to dry.

It is important to check the artificial grass is bone dry before cleaning as small debris has a habit of clumping and sticking when wet, making it harder to gather dirt and clean it properly.

#5 Finally, Clean and Sweep the Grass

Once dry, use the VonHaus Artificial Grass Brush to clear any remaining leaves, sticks and dirt. And you’re done!

It is recommended that artificial grass is cleaned once a month to keep it in tip top shape and this handy tool is the perfect helper for the job.

Other points to bear in mind are avoiding placing bird feeders on artificial grass. (No one wants a mess!) It’s also recommended not to use harsh chemicals that aren’t designed for cleaning artificial lawns and if needed, use small amounts of kiln-dried sand in small amounts, as this helps aid drainage and supports the synthetic fibres as well as increasing fire resistance.

The VonHaus Artificial Grass Brush – which launched late last year, has become a hit with artificial grass owners.

Clean Artificial GrassWith 1800W of power, five working heights, and a uniquely engineered brush head for maximum cleaning, cleaning artificial grass has never been more straight forward with this handy tool.

The brush also boasts the following features:

  • 2 Stage Safety Trigger
  • 12m Power Cable
  • 45 Litre Collection
  • Collapsible Handle Bars
  • Carry Handle
  • Height Adjustment Lever
  • Handle Bar Angle Adjustment Wheel

Kieren Crampton, DIY Buyer at VonHaus said:

‘Since launching last year, our Artificial Grass Brush has quickly become one of our best-sellers.

For those with artificial grass with no way of cleaning it, spring is the perfect time to think about making the maintenance easier. You can take all the hard work out of doing it by hand with this electric brush, which stores away effortlessly after use and doesn’t take up much room at all.

As well as rejuvenating lifeless artificial grass, it can even be used on a variety of other surfaces, including paving stones, decking and driveways, which means you can get even more use out of it.”

The tool is currently on sale at Amazon UK and for £149.99 (RRP £169.99) with free UK mainland delivery.