5 Reasons Why You Need Anti-Slip Treatment On Your Flooring


A slip and fall accident can be lethal, and sometimes wet floor signs or verbal warnings just don’t cut it. Accidents can happen anywhere, whether it be in your home or your business, especially in situations concerning children, the disabled, or the elderly. You want to do everything in your power to keep the people in your space safe. When you do, you’ll also keep the worry of accidents out of your head. If this sounds valuable to you, consider the benefits of looking into an anti-slip floor treatment.

1. Reduces Accidents

As you would expect, an anti-slip floor is explicitly made to create a non-slip surface by creating positive traction. With this kind of treatment on your floors, you’ll be able to walk on the floor without worrying about tripping over your own feet. This treatment isn’t just for your own safety either, but for your employees, visitors, or loved ones, keeping everyone safe and smiling.

2. Increases Productivity

If you’ve had slip-and-fall problems in the past, whether experienced by yourself or someone in your home or business, so much time may be spent worrying about it happening again that things just don’t get done. With the solid knowledge of being in a safer space, work and play can resume without worry, and productivity becomes increased overall.

3. Saves You Money

A slip-and-fall accident can end up costing your business a lot of money in lawsuits and negatively affecting your company’s reputation. If you’re a homeowner, an accident in your home can rack up the medical bills going towards attending to the injuries of the slip-and-fall victim. Having non-slip floors reduces the chances for an accident by a great deal, saving you all that money that you might potentially be losing over and over again through repeated accidents on slippery floors.

If you’re a business owner, a non-slip floor will also assist you in meeting OHS regulations and other floor safety regulations and standards. Showing your compliance with floor safety acts will strengthen a favorable reputation for your business. In contrast, any accident that happens within it will cost your company in some way or another.

4. Easy to Install

You can apply an anti-slip flooring treatment just about anywhere on just about any kind of floor. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other areas that may be exposed to spills and water frequently benefit from this kind of treatment, especially. You can also apply a non-slip treatment to staircases, driveways, patios, and even simple walkways.

The installation is also an incredibly quick and painless process. The flow of activity doesn’t have to be interrupted while the anti-slip treatment is applied, and in most cases, you won’t even have to wait for the layer to dry before walking on it.

Installing anti-slip floors also means you’ll get safer floors without having to sacrifice the aesthetic of your flooring choice. A non-slip treatment can work with tile, terrazzo, stone, concrete, and even brick. The treatment can be used for new floors or old floors and will keep it’s the glossy texture for years. No matter how many people walk on it over time.

5. Easy to Clean

Applying an anti-slip treatment to a floor means adding a laminating coating on top. That ends up making your floor easier to clean. Anti-slip treatment is stain-resistant, doesn’t absorb and isn’t sticky, Any spills or crumbs can be easily swept up or mopped to keep the floor looking pristine. The glossy texture lasts for quite a long time. Which gives your floors a professional look as well as a clean one.

In general, the floor’s effectiveness and clean appearance will usually last somewhere between two and five years. Additional maintenance to the surface can also ensure the non-slip coating lasts for even longer.

Whether your floor is naturally dry or oily. Treatment to give your floor a better grip will be beneficial to your safety and give your floor an even brighter appearance. If an anti-slip floor treatment seems appealing to you, we offer anti-slip treatment services, and more, over at Drymaster Carpet Cleaning. Contact us today to learn more.