If you are thinking about renovating your home is because you want to give it a total makeover for it to look amazing. However, you should keep in mind that there are certain measures you should take to not damage any appliances at home including your air conditioner. Ice Blast, an air conditioning and electrical company located in Brisbane, Australia, considers that you should pay special attention to HVAC systems giving them special protection because if dirtiness enters through the vents, it can block the system and damage the airflow.

For this reason, it is important for you to make a plan to ensure your HVAC systems do not get damaged in any form.

Air conditioning repair

Cover the vents

During the renovation, your house will be transformed into a construction place with debris and dust. By covering your vents you will be preventing dust, debris, and other large particles from accumulating in the air conditioning system. You can cover the vents with a cloth or something light to avoid damaging the delicate vents.

Keep in mind that you will be obstructing the airflow from coming through the vents so you must turn off your air conditioning system as well. Remember that covering the vents while your AC is still performing can cause major damage to the equipment.

Turn off the air conditioning

As we stated before the air conditioning should be off as we will be covering the vents, but also this will let dust and debris accumulate and reach other spaces at home.

If you want air to circulate inside the home, you can open the windows that will allow you and people in charge of the renovation, refreshing air.

Also, you can turn on air conditioning at night after cleaning the space and is it better for you to turn it on, if you have are able to zone the air conditioning, in specific spaces of the house where renovation was not involved.

Air conditioning repair

Change the location if messy work is implicated

To avoid serious damages to the HVAC system you can ask the renovation team to perform messy work outside, away from the air conditioning and other appliances that can be damaged from this kind of work.

Clean regularly

During renovations, you have to perform regular cleaning at home. Keep in mind that renovation is not an easy process and it is not something that you will have ready overnight, for this reason, it is important to keep the place as clean as possible during the time that it takes.

If you let the dust accumulate the air conditioner filter will collect it, leading to clogging of the air conditioner.

Air conditioning repair

Cleaning and replacing of the air conditioner filter

Even if you take all of these measures there exists still a possibility that dirt and dust enter through the air conditioner vents to the filter. If you do not do anything about the dirt in the filters, the air conditioning performance may decrease and you will notice this after a few days.

The best option is to be preventive and clean or replace, depending on which filters your air conditioner has, to guarantee clean and healthy air circulation and of course a great performance of your aircon.

Deep clean your air conditioner system once the renovations are done

Cleaning the system after renovation is essential to maintain clean air circulation. Even when you already took all the precautions by cleaning often and covering your vents, dust is still in the air and in the environment so it can make its way to the HVAC system.

So, when cleaning your air conditioner remember to check the air filters as a priority, clean the duct system if you have a ducted air conditioning system and ensure that there is no buildup of dust at the entrance of the system.

Keep in mind that if the dust gets into the air conditioning system it can cause the air conditioner to work harder, which can put it under strain and damage the system. Remember that repairing an air conditioner system is more expensive than taking the correct measures to protect it and for it to work in an optimum way.

Purify the air at home

Also purifying the air can help you to eliminate all the unwanted dust particles and keep your air conditioner system away from harm.

You have many ways to purify your air before putting your air conditioner system to work as regular. You can open your windows and ventilate in a natural way.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, one of the most recommended ways to purify the air in your home is to facilitate the ventilation of interior spaces by opening the doors and windows for at least 30 minutes. . Since it is necessary for the air to circulate optimally and clean al the dust and wood particles that the renovation leaves in our home.

Also by installing an air purifier, it can help eliminate all these dangerous and unwanted particles. Not only will an air purifier help in your health, but it’ll also help keep the dust particles out of your air conditioner as well.

Perform maintenance

If you feel like the renovation was intense, you can think about the possibility of performing air conditioning maintenance which includes the cleaning of the system and a general view of the performance of the system, if something happened due to maintenance or if it is working in a proper way.

So, after reading this article we are sure you will take all the preventive measures to ensure a smooth HVAC system renovation process.