Have you recently purchased your first home? If so, congratulations – what a step in the right direction! This can be a pretty exciting time, but it can also be full of stress when it comes to the interior design side of things. Some of us jump at the opportunity of having a blank canvas to begin redecorating.

For new homeowners though, this is another thing to add to the endless list of things to do within the first six months. Finding yourself in this situation? Keep reading this article to find out some interior design tips for beginners.


When it comes to moving to a new house, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not making time to declutter your old belongings. We can build up a lot of junk throughout the years, and this is why many people normally dread moving to a new house. We recommend that you prevent this stress and instead, de-clutter before you move.

Start with one room at a time and bin the items that don’t do their job of sparking joy anymore! If you’ve already moved and brought all your junk with you, de-clutter before you unpack. Keep everything in the boxes – you’ll thank us later.

Interior Design

Don’t buy all furniture from the one place

All too often, new homeowners share their excitement and head out to a furniture store and purchase loads of cheap flatpack furniture at one time. However, many interior designers recommend that you don’t do this and pick things up as you go along.

Take some time to visit independent designers and furniture stores to add new exciting items like a slipper chair, drinks cart and dining set to your collection. Start open-minded and keep this mindset as you continue decorating.

Build upwards

When decorating your home, many interior experts recommend that you build upwards. This is even the case for those who don’t have high ceilings. Purchasing thin, higher furniture provides the illusion that your home is taller and wider – like magic!

We love this idea and know you will too. First homes can often be too small to fit everything we want in, but less clutter and less furniture make the space seem larger. This should be your aim when designing your home.

Start fresh

When choosing the colour scheme for your home, this has been known to cause some minor arguments in the past. What if both you and your housemate can’t come to the decision about what colour the bathroom will be? To make this easier, we recommend starting with a fresh coat of white paint and working from there.

More often than not, we want all signs of the previous homeowner gone. There is no better way to do this than start afresh and create a blank canvas. This will put your new home into perspective and may help you and those you live with come to a clearer, mutual decision.

What interior design tips will you consider?