Technology has certainly impacted every area of our lives. It has enabled us to conduct daily activities with much ease. The medical field has also managed to make much progress, thus aiding in the treatment of patients. For a very long time, people living with disabilities have been limited in many ways since much of the environment isn’t tailored to their needs. This has made simple tasks such as entering a convenient store a rather difficult undertaking making it very frustrating.

If you are using a wheelchair, one place that certainly requires modifications is your home. There are a number of alterations that you can implement which can ultimately make moving from one place to another fast, easy, and stress-free. Installing elevating platforms at home can make your life more comfortable. EnMouvement is a company that specializes in installing home elevating platforms; be sure to check them out to find suitable equipment that you can install in your home.


Elevating platforms have proven to be very beneficial to people who are using wheelchairs. Here are some things you should consider before installing one.

Daily Activities within Your House

Wheelchairs affect how people leave and run their daily duties; many who use them mostly require extra help from family members and friends. Moreover, access to particular rooms such as upstairs becomes very difficult or even inaccessible to them. If you want to operate more independently especially in your house, then installing an elevating platform would be a worthy investment.

Once you’ve reached this decision, your next step would be to identify the place that you want to install the elevating platform. Different types of houses require different approaches. The decision to install an elevating platform will largely be influenced by the configuration of your house as well as the particular rooms that you mostly use.

Ramps Vs Elevating Platforms

Some wheelchair lifts are priced less than ramps. For ramps to be installed, a lot of calculations have to be made. This is because, for every 1 inch of elevation or rise, a ramp has to be approximately 12 inches long. This implies that if you have a porch that is 10 inches, you’ll require roughly 10 feet of ramp. Apart from occupying large amounts of space, ramps also require a lot of skilled labor to construct which could be very costly.

On the other hand, elevating platforms take very little space and a short time to install. It also offers more convenience since users wouldn’t require any assistance, thus offering full independence.


Types of Home Elevating Lifts

Two residential wheelchair residential lifts that are commonly used include:

Elevating Platforms

This is a very ideal facility for your home that helps you to safely move from your driveway to your balcony and vice versa irrespective of the weather conditions. The elevating platform is very robust and can accommodate a person in a wheelchair and still have ample room for a caregiver. They are usually battery powered that can also operate during power outages. The floors of these platforms have been fitted with anti-skid surface materials while the buttons are made from materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. This equipment is very ideal for people who are living in a bungalow or a house that isn’t a story building.

Residential Elevating Lifts

If you live in a story house, then Elevating Lifts would provide you with incredible mobility especially when it comes to accessing the upper floors of your house. This equipment makes it easy for people who want to operate in the upper rooms by offering smooth and steady lifts through the staircases, thus proving to be very efficient. Most of these lifts have ramps that can be customizable to match the staircase and the interior of your house thereby aiding in the general aesthetics of your home.

Final Thoughts

Getting an elevating platform in your home can be a very pivotal decision in your life. Installing one would ultimately give you more accessibility, as well as more independence. Always remember that the configuration of your house and the type of activities you engage in daily will determine the choice of an elevating platform; therefore, you should carefully weigh your options before choosing a particular lift.