It’s not the funnest thing to think about, but consider for a moment everything that gets washed down the drain each day. In the kitchen, a profusion of grease, oil, and food is drained. In the shower, dirt, soap, skin, and hair are washed down the pipes. If you are not cleaning out the sink and shower drains routinely, you are setting yourself up for issues with the plumbing.

To motivate you even more, here are several benefits of drain cleaning that you should not ignore:

● Improve the lifespan of your drain system. Maintenance is crucial in prolonging the function of your plumbing system. You can greatly minimize the damages that occur by cleaning out drains and keeping everything flowing.
● Faster draining. No one likes a slowly draining sink or shower, especially when whatever you are trying to wash away just backs up. By cleaning the drains, the water will disappear faster, leaving no sign behind.
● Less clogging. This is the simplest benefit: more cleaning equals less buildup and blockages.
● Fewer expensive repairs. Regular maintenance can eliminate small problems, thereby removing any causes of more expensive plumbing issues, like clogging, overflows and flooding, and more.
● No bad odors. When you remove the food bits and other things stuck in the drain, you reduce the chance of foul smelling odors from rising back into the house.
● Cleaner, safer yard. Backed up drain systems are not just a hazard within the home.

Outdoor issues include sewage in the yard, soil erosion, mold growth, and stagnant water for mosquitoes and other pestilence to breed.

How Often Should I Clean My Drains?


Now that you know the benefits of drain cleaning, what about the frequency? How many times a month or year should you be removing clog-inducing hair and other gunk? It’s not a fun job, but you have to do it more often than you think. The decision for how often you should clean the drains is based on a couple of things: how many people are in the household, how often you use the drain, what goes down the drain, and the age of the plumbing system.

Some households can do maintenance on an as needed basis, meaning that, when you see a clog forming or hear that insidious “glug glug” you pick up the phone and get a plumber over for drain cleaning. Most of the time, you should clean the drains at least once a year. Get recommendations from a professional if you are unsure.

There is a benefit to calling in a pro for draining cleaning, too. That would be peace of mind. A professional plumber will have all the tools needed to get rid of clogs and other issues before they worsen, and they will do everything without error. Not only is the clog removed, but you don’t have to worry about other issues popping up because you didn’t know what you were doing!

Clean Your Drains Today

When it comes to drain cleaning, you shouldn’t wait. The longer you have gone without getting your drains cleaned, the higher the chance of clogs. With the pipes draining properly, you won’t smell foul odors or have to deal with backed up water. If you want a cleaner, fresher environment, schedule a cleaning with a plumber.