Tight deadlines and strict requirements can overwhelm any student. Having to complete an essay assignment with very specific instructions can be difficult to handle – especially for those who don’t have the time nor the writing skills to do it. If you frequently find yourself in stressful situations because of a writing assignment or two, essay writing services might be for you.

Why avail such a service?

Essay writing services are useful for those who are having a hard time juggling multiple deadlines at the same time and those who aren’t confident in their writing skills.

Not everyone has the time management skills to multitask while meeting multiple deadlines. These essay writing services are offered by writers in Singapore and other similar companies, who promise to complete the task for you with the highest level of quality and provide a speedy relief from your current stress.


While essay writing services are useful and convenient, not all of them are great. So in this article, we’ll share the indicators of a great and legit essay writing service. Take note!

1. No Plagiarism

Not plagiarizing content tops our list of the qualities of a great essay writing service. The best essay writing service is one that guarantees its pieces to be plagiarism-free.

If you’re looking for someone to help you write your thesis or research paper, plagiarism is a big no-no. Aside from the fact that it’s unethical to steal others’ work in the first place, it’s a waste of money and time. Submitting plagiarized work guarantees a failing mark at best, but suspension and expulsion aren’t far-flung possibilities. You’re availing a writing service to pass and not to have another thing to stress about. So make sure to carefully screen the writing service you’re going to use if you want to avoid problems.

2. 100% Confidential

Generally, availing an essay writing service is frowned upon by professionals and some even consider it as cheating. This factor is the exact reason why you should choose a writing service that will not, in any way, share your personal information with other companies. Your name, email address, and order details should always be kept confidential. Confidentiality also protects you from getting inconvenienced by cold calls from companies advertising offers that you didn’t sign up for.

3. Quality Writers

An essay writing service should always deliver high-quality output, which is attainable by having writers who have exemplary writing skills and the right qualifications. Ideally, writers should be from top universities such as the Ivy Leagues and Oxbridge. This factor is essential to ensure that you’ll get a writer that is competent enough to do intricate research. Subjects related to science and mathematics usually involve data analysis and interpretation and should be written cohesively and accurately. Having writers who have notable credentials assures top-notch work and will also give you an idea of what good writing looks like.

4. On-time Delivery

This factor is a must for every essay writing service provider out there. One of the reasons people avail of this kind of service is to submit their homework and essays on time. Reliable essay writing services guarantee that you’ll get your work completed before the agreed due date. There’s really no point in hiring an essay writer if they always miss important deadlines.

5. 24/7 Customer Service

Lots of students frequently pull all-nighters to attend to their requirements. As such, there’s a high chance you’ll have to make inquiries about your essay very late at night. Essay writing services that have 24/7 customer support are very convenient because you know that help would be available at any time of the day.



Students can find a lot of essay writing services online, but not all of them will be able to meet their needs. Great essay writing services should be capable of delivering high-quality work on time and meet the standards set by their clients. Students should find essay writing services that have the above qualities in order to rest assured that their academic papers are in good hands.