Pergola has emerged as the in-demand outdoor style accessory for patios, backyards, and decks. What is the purpose of pergola and what does it do? Basically a pergola does just about everything. It can be a purely decorative addition to your deck or backyard or it may serve a practical purpose. Here are some common ways to use pergolas Sydney in your yard, on your deck, or by your pool. Check here to know more about the topic, and to get deep insight about pergola.


1.Shade – you love getting out in the sun but when those rays become too oppressive, you require some relief. Pergolas have the ability to provide different degrees of shade from the sun while keeping the slim stylish profile you like. Without any upgrades, the latticed roof of a pergola provides partial relief from the sun. When upgraded with the full canopy, a pergola provides 100% shade.

2.Contrast – having a massive sprawling backyard deck is awesome when you plan to throw a party but some homeowners say completely open style becomes monotonous. If you have several hundred square foot decks without a porch or some other large decorations, you will feel the same way. In such a case building a pergola on your deck to add a distinct and vertical profile is recommended. Whether you choose an attached pergola or free-standing one you will love the contrasting look.

3.Color – the signature clean white vinyl look of a pergola provides an excellent color enhancement to monochromatic outdoor living spaces. For example, the white vinyl looks gorgeous alongside earthy brown deck boards or tan vinyl siding. As white is the most popular hue, there are many other colors that may complement different homes, such as clay and tan pergola. Adding a color accent to the outer entertaining space is one of the purposes of a pergola.

4.Privacy – privacy can be a necessity if you want to enjoy the backyard oasis you have built. If you are thinking about the purpose of a pergola, this can be everything to you. Pergolas with wrap around shades give complete privacy from the eyes of a nosy neighbor. The shades may be opened up when you want to take in the outdoors but when you need privacy, you may tie them around the posts. In addition to unbeatable privacy, with the shades wrapped, you feel like you are spending time in a beachside luxury Cabana.

5.Accessories – Boasting a whole lot of style and a ton of practicality – pergolas are the perfect way to bring accessories to the deck. One of the popular ways to use a pergola is hanging potted plants from the lattice roof. Hanging plants provide a bright and colorful feel to your outdoor living area. Another accessory is the pergola lighting. Whether you go for built-in lighting or choose to accessorize with string lighting, you appreciate the ambiance and practicality.


So now you get what the purpose of a pergola is, you have some idea of why they are so popular. The possibilities are endless you will just have to pick and choose which one you love the best.